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I've noticed lately how sarcastic I am. I used to be a really, really nice person: never talked smack, never said or even thought mean things. I am starting to scare myself because I say things knowing I am joking, but I know that even if I am joking it still hurts others. I know this because when people are sarcastic  towards me I still take offense to the comment! My mom and step-father(who I can't stand) are very sarcastic and I see it more as them being extremely rude and insensitive. I feel terrible after I say things like that because it all adds up and I am really starting to hurt people I love. The problem is that I can't seem to shut up! It is even hurting my self-esteem knowing that I am so mean. I hate it. How can I stop? How can I realize I am about to hurt someone BEFORE it happens?
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You need to think before you speak, this is a habit and just like picking your nose, if done enough you do it without thinking. Make it a habit to say something nice or nothing at all. OMG I sound like my parents, back in the stoneages.
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I'm sarcastic a lot, but i'm funny when im being sarcastic, people laugh and dont get offended. I know when to stop and when i can possibly be mean, i check myself all the time before i say something sarcastic.
there is a way to be sarcastic and not hurt anyone while you are at it. :)
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A good way to stop is to say nothing; rather than to risk saying anything offensive. Initially, that might be hard to discipline yourself to do... So, for starters, you may
want to cut the conversation short... say, maybe... in half?
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You are responsible for your own actions and if your comments or response are unecessarily hurting someone, then you have got to stop, because once you hurt someone that you love or care about, they will look at you differently and see you as sarcastic. Negative attracts negative and if you continue with this negative behavior, it's going to back fire and you will lose friends, the people you love and they will not want to be around you. Also, you might want to look deeper inside on why you are lashing out people. Did someone hurt you with their words? Only you have control of yourself, so if you don't want lose friends and people you care, treat them with the same respect that you want them to treat you.  Good luck, Judy
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maybe you are feeling a bit insecure, i really do not know, but after my heart operation, i became that way, and i figured out i felt so insecure for awhile, i would say things to people that i would have nevr said before, but i felt bad also, are you around people a lot, if so that should help, try to think happy thoughts   luck  jo
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Maybe you can get to the root of where this is coming from. Possibly repressed anger directed at whomever you are speaking. Since your mother and step father are this way, you know how it feels and how it looks and that should be a big incentive to stop. But I would think about getting the anger issues worked out.
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