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What's your covid lock down style?

You cleaning?
You organizing?
You watching tv?
You stressed?
You happy to not have to socialize?  
What's your style?
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Avoiding cleaning except for meal-related cleanup (my husband keeps asking if we can clean the garage, ugh). Sneaking in naps when I can. Up and down in mood. We got a kitten and that has helped -- she is adorable. Found myself binge-watching fix-up-the-house shows the other night, which means things aren't normal because I don't ordinarily watch much TV. Much more sedentary than usual, ugh to that, too -- if I don't watch my food intake like a hawk I put on weight. I know it's all due to feeling glum. And it sounds like the vaccine will be a while, too. :P
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I get the joys of still working with the public...ugh.
I *did* put up outdoor Christmas lights today. It represents an improvement in my mood, that I was willing to go up and down a ladder with freezing hands and the neighbors all looking on, dropping the strings and losing the clips, just to get the lights on the house. Better than sitting around in playing solitaire. lol
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