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no orgasms

i have been having sex for two years now and have never had an orgasm. i do not masterbate and it is not that my boyfriend comes too quickly i have just never climaxed. once i had a slight tingling sensation but then my boyfriend stopped what he was doing and i was too unsure to tell him to continue. how can i acheive this?
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Well there's two things that kinda stood out to me and that was when you said you were too unsure (about telling your bf to continue) and that you don't masterbate.  If you did explore your body more yourself, you would know more about what feels good and what doesn't.  And then when it comes to your bf, I would try and communicate to him what does or doesn't feel good, and to not stop when he does something that starts to feel good.  Exploration and communication.  Those two things I think are real important when it comes to having orgasms.  I understand it might be embarassing for you to do this right now by the sound of your post, but you also might find that talking more during sex could be arousing to both of you as well.  Just a couple things :)  Good luck to you.  
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i have been gradually talking more, he is wonderful but im slower to voice my suggestions. im just hoping with additional time i will be able to always tell him exactly how i feel and that that will improve things. thanks for your advice!
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Always tell a guy how to do it. If he cares, he will listen.
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