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Bad smell coming from nose

Hi, I'm currently having this problem for almost 3 months now. At first I thought its just a coincidence that people in front of me feels like they are not comfortable but now I think that the reason is the bad smell from my nose. I'm actually not sure if its from nose but I can't think of any reason, usually even if I'm not talking I can see in their face that they are smelling something bad. I don't think its a body odor, only the people in front of me are the one making faces. I've been ditching my class for almost a month or 2 because of this and currently having a suicidal thought. Its just I've tried everything. I already went to a dentist,gastroenterologist and ENT. I went first to a dentist because of course the most common cause for this is in mouth and then the smell is still there I actually can't smell it so I'm not sure if its gone but the reaction of people are still there same with gastroenterologist. I went there bacause I thought its because of GERD or acid reflux, he gave me PPI's and told me to take it for 2 weeks, and yes after 2 weeks the smell is still there. Lastly I went to ENT. the ENT told me that at the back of my nose it might be blocked with a thick mucus. I actually can't remember how she explained it but I already doubt that it is the cause since I don't have a runny nose and my sense of smell is still there but I'm like "what do I know ? She is a doctor so definitely she is right" so she gave me PPI as well because she also think I have reflux or in this case LPR also nasal spray and antibiotic.  And yes it is still there, I ask her to check inside my nose and throat with endoscopy and there is no mucus, polyps or anything weird and now I don't know what to do, I am 100% certain that it is still there and it is ruining my life. I'm out of option please help me this is so hard. Sorry if there are incorrect grammars but I know you understand what I'm trying to say and thank you for taking your time to read this.
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broim having the same problem you are all experiencing.. it starter when i was in grade school but it was only bad breath coming from the mouth.. the when  i did got to high school the bad is also coming from the nose..  i really cant smell the odor but i just notice it with other people.. now im 29 years old and thank god im still alive even though all these years im so depressed.. i dont have any friends right now but i have a loving wife  and 2kids.. hopefully you can help me...   im currently low financially but open to any help or cheap alternative solution about our problem..here is my fb account.. please add and contact me.. [email protected] com

PS: do not lose hope bro.. god is good and i still believe we will be cured
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