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Nonstop coughing and phlegm production after second hand smoking/vaping

About 10 days ago, I was at this event in which I ended up breathing a lot of second hand smoke and, worst of all, second hand vaping. I have never smoked or vaped myself.

The next morning, I woke up with a slightly sore throat, I thought it may have been due to the cold weather or something, and it disappeared in about an hour or so so I quickly forgot about it.

The next day I got very nauseated, I was in a plane so I first thought that must have been the reason, either that or the street food I had a few days earlier.

The next day I felt like my throat was swollen, and it was slightly difficult to swallow, I also started spitting yellowish phlegm with either tiny spots or strands of blood in them. At this point I went to see the doctor, and he gave me something for my nausea, and ibuprofen for my throat. He agreed my throat/lungs must have been very dry because of all the smoke I was breathing, so he asked me to stay well hydrated, which I have done since.

By the next day I started coughing, with sligthly dark yellowish phlegm every time, to the point where my voice has gotten super hoarse because of the straining I do to spit it out.

At this point I got a covid test and it was negative, so I started taking an OTC expectorant with the hopes of getting it all out and, as expected, it did make my cough worse but the issue seems to be unresolved.

About 10 days since the onset of symptoms have passed, I'm not taking any meds right now and the cough seems to be just as bad as it was, to the point where I'm lucky to get even a little sleep. My neck is is very sore in the rear and sides, and my chest is making a sound whenever I cough loud, I can't describe it but it just sounds weird, and it only happens when coughing loud, I'm also still producing phlegm and it's most noticeable at night/morning.

Right now I'm thinking about going back to the doctor, but what do you think this might be?
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