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Shortness of Breath, Can't Yawn or Belch

Hey everyone,

Can anyone help me work out what's wrong with me?

I'm a 44 year old male, good diet, don't smoke, no drugs, very little alcohol.
This past few months I'm getting a lot of symptoms in my chest/stomach area including:

1. Fullness in chest and swollen feeling in oesophagus
2. Shortness of breath, difficulty getting a full breath
3. Belching
4. Jagged sensation in left of thorax under left rib which extends up to throat
5. Can't yawn and sometimes can't belch
6. Sensation of something 'stuck' in oesophagus/top of stomach

I have no heartburn, regurgitation or any obvious pain.
Waiting on GI appointment but I've been told this may not happen for quite some time due to Coronavirus.
Recent blood tests were ok apart from iron readings which showed high bilirubin, high ferritin, high iron, high transferrin saturation and abnormally low UIBC (unsaturated iron binding capacity). I have 1 of the genes for haemochromatosis but not the required 2 to be symptomatic.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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You have elavated free iron?
Thats extremely toxic... what did your doctor recomend???
Nothing yet, it's difficult to get see with the Coronavirus crisis
What are your values?  
Can I PM them to you?
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Of course... if you wanna pm your email i can respond with mine so its completely private.
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I have this but with Asthma too. I use Symbicort inhaler and also a drug for tummy stuff called Omeprozole. This seems to have changed things quite a bit for me. Omeprozole might be the key factor. :) Worth a try from your Dr.
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