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Walking Pneumonia got better but now its getting worse

So about a week and a half ago I was diagnosed with bronchitis/ walking pneumonia. He said that it was bronchitis but then he found a specific spot and said it was pneumonia in its beginning stages. He gave me the blue inhaler, azithromycin (I'm allergic to penicillin), and told me to take tylenol four times a day. My symptoms leading up to this were dry cough, wheezing, and coughing fits so violent it set off my gag reflex and it has hard to breath. From the violent coughing my ribs were killing me (i had to hold my ribs every time i coughed) and my throat was killing me. As the days progressed it got worse and I was getting no sleep from coughing all night so I went to the doc.
After a week I noticed I was still very dependant on the inhaler (the doc said to use it for a week and it had been a week) I also was still having some pain in the specific spot of my long the previous doctor pointed out was bad. So I went back and a different doctor listened to my concerns and brought out the stethoscope... she listened from the middle of my back then listened to my left lung and said I had very minimal wheezing and that the pneumonia was gone and that I was in the recovery stage that involves coughing up the mucus and my body absorbing the mucus in my lungs. I never had a chest X-ray so I can't say for sure that the pneumonia was in my right lung BUT the painful spot that the previous doc identified that made him concerned was on the right and this doctor only listened to my left lung.

Now its been a week and a half and while I am now past the violent coughing fits and I can sleep without needing to be upright and I can get through the night... my wheezing is terrible at night and in the morning and I am still having a pretty bad cough that will set off my gag reflex at times.Its not so violent I have to hold my ribs but now I'm starting to feel pain and tightness in my ribs again. Pain in that specific spot on the right and a little more general now. I know that coughing and feeling like crap is part of the deal when it comes to recovering from walking pneomia and she said this could take up to two months! But after seeing this doctor I was feeling pretty good actually. Minimal coughing but still the heavy wheezing at night and in the morning. And now as I approach two weeks its getting worse and I'm feeling the right lung pain and a bit of tension in my ribs and i'm coughing more violent at night and more frequent throughout the day. Is this just the recovery process? The only reason I doubt this is because I was feeling good but now i'm getting worse again AND she listened to my  left lung and not my right lung. I don't want to go back to the doctor and look like some crazy person so i'm going to see where i'm at at the two week mark. But now that my symptoms are worsening after a few days of peace I'm wondering if the pneumonia could be coming back?

PS- I was only given the azithromycin to take for 5 days.
PSS-the second walk in doctor now put me on the orange inhaler to take twice a day
PSSS- it was never specified if this was viral or bacterial but i know its walking pneumonia because I'm not in the hospital haha
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Sorry I forgot to specify that this specific spot of pain was in my right LUNG. Anatomically it is in my right ribcage on the side of my body in the middle. And by general pain I mean not only do I feel this pain in that specific spot that the doctor found when listening to my lungs, but I can generally feel it lingering in both my ribcages at this point in time.
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Hi, did you ever recover? I'm in the same situation as you are.
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