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confusing breathing issue

I guess I’ll start with the beginning of my health issues, it might not be relevant to what I’m dealing with now, but I’ll say just in case.
Okay so I’m 99% certain my body does not do well with aspirin. I started getting big bruised leg bumps, my heart felt wrong also had a lot of palpitations, some troubles breathing (felt wrong), swollen ankle, heart tightness, ice cold feeling throughout my veins (this all happened from 2020-my last aspirin dose in October) and I didn’t realize what had caused it until I took my final aspirin dose and gotten a bump that night when it clearly wasn’t there that morning (I haven’t had any of these symptoms since stopping aspirin). It made sense to assume it was aspirin causing all that since also on my final dose I almost instantly felt my heart feeling wrong (even though it’s good for your heart?). Also, soon after that final aspirin dose, I had anemia (won’t go into my anemia symptoms but they were horrible as you’d expect). I wasn’t eating dairy for a couple months, but I’m wondering if the aspirin helped lower my iron levels. When my anemia started, I noticed my ribs were swollen (they still are) and I had swollen lymph nodes in my neck, I also couldn’t sneeze (but kept having the need to) for some reason. So then here’s where it all goes downhill. I went to a nursing home thanksgiving (there was probably a decent amount of sicknesses going on there), my esophagus felt too tight. Then some days later, too open. Went away and soon after I had a sore throat for a day, no sickness following. But then soon after, mid December, I had a bad pins and needles episode (I had a lot before and after this, this one was just so bad) throughout my face to my hands (so upper body), as well as diarrhea. I also had some uncomfortable breathing and high heart rate so it made sense to be another bad anemia episode. Then, the next day I was really congested, lots of snot, fast uncomfortable breathing. I had to keep bouncing my leg or swaying, it felt like I had to do that for some reason. I didn’t feel sick, but my breathing sucked. I went to urgent care and just got a Covid test, which I couldn’t get to the back of my right nostril, it was too tight. No joke this was so bad from December to March (whenever I think about this time I have a breakdown cause I’m honestly so traumatized from it). Then March time it was really just bad at night (still 30 breaths per minute). And now from March, up until today, I still can’t breathe normally at night. It’s either like my breathing starts to not register and I’m preparing to suffocate, or it’s just uncomfortable borderline deathly feeling (sleeping helps most of the time then by 5-7 pm through the rest of the night it’s bad). It’s not fast anymore but something is 100% wrong. I’ve had a chest x-ray that looked okay. Strep throat test that was okay. EKG that was normal. The sound of my breathing through a stethoscope sounds normal. And who knows about the Covid test since I couldn’t get it to the back of my throat. I have to force in a yawn sometimes (a lot of the times I have to start a yawn then force in multiple breaths at once) (this is now no where near as bad as December-February time when I had to open my mouth as wide as I could and try to force in a ton of breaths at once). Sometimes it’s hard to breathe in the morning still if I leave my house. My dumbest symptom has been when I heard certain frequencies of noises, my breathing stopped registering when that sound happened (this has subsided). Humidity also makes my breathing horrible, and I was never affected by it before (I’ll literally be inside with a air purifier and air con and it still makes me feel like death). I also catch myself always realizing I’m subconsciously jutting my lips out? I know pursed lip breathing can help, just kinda surprising I’m doing it subconsciously. Did I have an infection and now can’t breathe normally anymore…? What testing should I get done? If all the tests are normal, then I probably have messed up breathing from the anemia and possible infection within such little amount of time together, or something psychosomatic. Something I’ve noticed is throughout all of this is that I’ll go through periods where my breathing is a specific type of bad, then the next week it feels different still in a bad way, then the next week different but still bad. Keeps changing but is all horrible. Bad air quality makes me feel the worst (even at moderate) as expected. Recently I’ve been swallowing more air then I used to (still used to be bad) and have been having on and off diarrhea for like 10 days now and my respiratory system feels weak just what is going on…feels like I’ve had 10 months of torture

Other info: female, 19, 5’6, 114 lbs, blood oxygen almost always 99, heart rate typically about 60-80, depending on the day I’d take 325 mg or 650 mg at a time, or 1,300 mg to (maybe even sometimes 1,950 mg) of aspirin in one day crushed or chewed in my mouth almost always one day (sometimes two) of the month since I was 13 (for period cramp pain) I haven’t taken any other medication other than that. My mom has asthma, and in thick air it’s hard for the both of us to breathe, and not my other family members. The best numbers I’ve gotten on a peak flow meter is pef 375 l and fev1 2.21 l.
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