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respiratory illness

my mother has a nonproductive cough, fever of 102, expiratory wheezes, severe upper left back pain. Any ideas?
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Sounds like a possible case of the flu.  If the symptoms last over a week or if the patient has asthma, they need to see a doctor.  If they have astham, the sooner the better.  An asthmatic should also be using their rescue inhaler exactly as prescribed (number of doses at the shortest time interval) to prevent/minimize a flare.  Also, if the are elderly or have otherwise compromised health they need to see a doctor.  You need to agressively work to prevent dehydration.

Depending on other medications she may be on, guaifenesen (generic Mucinex) would be a good idea.

I hope that helps you some.

I pray that your mother is feeling better soon.
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Sounds like Pneumonia to me..
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