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Poor mom with RLS

Hi all,  I am new to this forum...I have used Medhelp in the past and have found it to be very supportive so here I am again.  There is so many problems regarding my mom but I will try to just touch on what is happening.  She is suffering terribly with RLS.  My mom has been treated for close to 30 years with numerous antidepressants.  She has severe OCD, bipolar, and anxiety disorder. She is currently on 200 mg of Zoloft...in addition to Depekote, and Klonopin.  Her RLS was being treated with a very high dose of Requip but has recently been switched to something else; some sort of patch.  Nothing is working.  Her life is a very sad story due to the mental illness.  She lives in a nursing home because she had a stroke 4 years ago which left her somewhat physically and congnitievly (sp) impaired, and because of the mental illness she can become difficult.  I am not able to provide her with the care and attention she deserves.  I have read numerous articles about how anti depressants can cause the symptoms of RLS, and being that she is on such a high dose of Zoloft I could definitely see the correlation.  Anyone else experiencing this or have some advice on which way to go?  It is not an option for her to be unmedicated as she still suffers with depression, anxiety, and racing thoughts; I couldn't bare to think of her without the meds.  I just hate to see her suffer with this terrible RLS.
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I    came across Schweppes Indian diet tonic water I drink 3/4 glass every night before I sleep,I sleep line a baby and no more restless legs I have to be on Sifrol pills,I no longer use the pills...in the tonic it have a very little Quinine in the tonic which means Ita a good thing..I found out that it's very good lol
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Hi Jamie,
Has your mother tried supplementing with magnesium? The best product I've used is Calm magnesium powder. I feel the effects within 15 minutes. Start out with a low dose, as recommended on the bottle. Then gradually increase by teaspoons until you feel the effects. (I had to graduate to 3 teaspoons.)

You can read lots of reviews of this product on amazon.

I can only imagine how much stress your mother is in, given the unrelenting depression. I hope you have tools to manage your stress from this. You are such a wonderful daughter for inquiring about her.

BTW, since your mother suffers from OCD, be careful if someone recommends Requip (Roprinirole). It is effective, but it can bring on or exacerbate symptoms of OCD and/or impulsiveness.
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