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Restless Leg Syndrome Community

This forum is now closed. Please visit Neurology.
I think my husband has RLS and it's driving ME crazy. It doesn't bother him at all.........he actually thinks I'm making it up that his l...
I’ve been on Celexa for years (20mg) and am now 4 weeks pregnant. I have suffered from RLS in the last very rarely but it always subsided...
Has anyone ever heard of this? My toes began to move involuntary 16 months ago still moving! Im 51.type 2 diabetes about 30 pds over weig...
Doctors don’t know the cause and cure of RLS; I have a hypothesis for the cause, and I have a simple and effective cure. First, the c...
I tried everything, nothing worked. No it's not alcohol or tobacco I don't do either. So one night I'm up again, reading because my legs...
Hi, so I'll start by saying that both my mother and grandmother have Restless Legs Syndrome, and both got it around 40 or before. Im ...
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