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Are there STDS/STIS that can be aquired during massage of buttocks and anus?

Are there STDS/STIS that can be acquired during mutual massage of the buttocks and anus? Including both touching and fingering of the anus, as well as possible contact with feces? Thanks in advance for any feedback.
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I wouldn't worry about any std's with this activity.  You can't get an STD from someone using their hands to massage your but and anus or your hands touching their butts or anus.  But yes, fecal matter has bacteria.  If you get that in your mouth or in your urethra, that's not a great thing.  No symptoms though, then I wouldn't worry. Good hygiene is always a good idea.  
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Thank you for the quick response. Hand washing did happen fairly quickly after this. I just wasn't sure about any STDS due to mutual touching/massage/masturbation. Thanks again!
I understand that massage/touching is not a risk, but what about fingering? I apologize for my ignorance, I'm just not sure about sexual acts that don't involve standard penetration. Thanks in advance.
None at all.
If you need a 3rd opinion, I agree with the others. You had absolutely no risk here.
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