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Hi I had massage with sex worker be for 29days , we were fully naked and she performed hand job to me but she was to fingering her self ...
I touched the buttocks of a csw with a minor cut in my right index finger. The wound happened when cutting nails roughly 4 hours before t...
Hello and thank you for any advice! This forum is unbelievably helpful and thank you so much for having it. I performed unprotected o...
Hi So 6 days ago I had Unprotected sex with a woman. Yesterday afternoon after I had masturbated with lube I noticed an off white discha...
I posted my original question here but somehow got moved to colon cancer forum. I just needed some help understand the biopsy results be...
In late November, I went for an erotic massage and my concerns if the therapist properly washed her hands before she gave me a handjob be...
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