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Hi. About a week ago I engaged in oral and anal sex with a csw in Dubai. She said she was from Portugal but I think she may have been Eas...
Hiya, i (21M) was hooking up with someone and they wanted to use a butt plug - Silicone - on me, I do not know who they hook up with and ...
Hi, last sunday 19, i was with a trans escort, she only perfomed oral on me, she did some deepthroat too and was all protected, it may be...
was diagnosed being HIV + in 2016 and vegan treatment shortly after diagnosis. Transmission occurred most likely in 2013. VL has been un...
I’ve had a couple of unprotected encounters in the past and have not been checked. Would any std/sti irritate the lymph nodes in your nec...
Hi all hope you are well. I am planning to visit an escort soon. I am planning to engage in these sexual activities: Protected oral sex ...
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