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I asked a question on May 15th, but today I found an ulcer in my mouth. It's a bit big and the gum is a bit painful. It may be a symptom ...
Sorry for the bad English,I need help. I had sex with a sex worker 19/6/23, the condom broke and I didn’t realize till I finish, I think ...
I seriously need your help and advice as this issue is seriously affecting my routine life as i cant stop thinking of it! I'm 41 years m...
I had sex with someone a few days ago (oral sex) and he ejaculated in my mouth without using a condom. Until now, I feel some discomfort ...
Hi I received a handjob from a CSW. During the handjob I received a few licks on the head of my penis. As a precaution I got tested 14...
Feb 28 had protected oral sex with CSW. She stayed on the condom covered area except for 3-4 licks on my left scrotum Mar 1 started to...
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