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I’ve been reading the posts here for a couple days to find situations similar to mine but I think it would be best to explain my situatio...
I had unprotected anal sex with a massage therapist. ( no excuse but it was not planned and I got caught up in the ecstasy of it all ) a ...
Hai, last two months I am sexually active. I visit the Massage center 10 Times. In 4 times I done the protect sex with condom. Rest of...
Went to massage parlor and sensual touch nor sexual activity but the therapist face and neck touched my neck. Any risk of syphilis by thi...
Hello - I was recently prescribed Cefpodoxime for gonorrhea 200 mg tabs every 12 hours for two days along with doxycycline 100 mg two tim...
When I went to the bathroom of the karaoke bar, I dropped the antibacterial spray bottle cap on the ground. Then I picked it up, sprayed ...
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