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Can 1 day of amoxicillin affect STD test?

I'm a 29 year old male, and I received unprotected oral sex about 2 1/2 weeks ago from someone I didn't know. I then had unprotected vaginal sex with another partner about 10 days later with no ejaculation. A few days later I developed head congestion and mild throat symptoms along with slight, intermittent throbbing in one testicle. No burning, itching, or discharge. I have also had what I assume is a varicocele for most of my life, but it has never given me any problems. I've never been to the doctor for it, but I'm pretty sure that's what it is. I don't know whether or not the cold combined with the varicocele could be the cause of the off and on testicle ache.
However, because of the unknown oral encounter, I became worried (i.e. paranoid) about gonorrhea, chlamydia, or other STDs, so I have scheduled an STD test for this week to make sure that I'm not infected and, in turn, that I didn't infect my partner 10 days after the unprotected oral encounter. However, I just went to the doctor this week for my throat and was prescribed amoxicillin for pharyngitis. (I didn't mention the testicle pain because it's not that bad). I was supposed to take one 500mg capsule every 8 hours for 10 days (30 doses in total). I took it for one day (3 doses - 1 that afternoon I got it, 1 that night, and 1 the next morning). After taking the third dose, I then had the thought that the amoxicillin might alter the results of the upcoming STD test, so I stopped the amoxicillin. (My throat is not that bad anyway). My question is: would 1 dose of 500mg amoxicillin taken every 8 hours (3 doses total - 1500mg) be enough to clear a bacterial STD?? I ask this because I am getting tested within the next few days, not only to make sure than I am not infected, but to also make sure I did not then pass it on 10 days later. If the STD test this week comes back negative, that's great for me, but I would be worried that it might be because the 24 hours of amoxicillin in my system killed the bacteria. That still wouldn't let me know whether or not I was infected at the time I last had sex with my partner and if she is at risk. And an additional question: if the 24 hours of amoxicillin I took was not enough to cure an STD, how long should I wait before I take the STD test to be sure it doesn't affect it?
Hope this all makes sense...
thank you doctor...
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Also, the person who gave me unprotected oral was a guy, if that matters.
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Hi if the dose is for 8 days and you took it for one then it would not affect the test as would not kill all the bacteria.
Thank you... So I don't have to wait any amount of time after taking the amoxicillin to take the STD test??
Also, I know there is some risk of transmitting an infection through unprotected vaginal sex even without ejaculation, but how high is that risk? Is it the same as with ejaculation?
just depends on the peoples life style. The more they do it with different people the greater the risk
What I mean is if I did have something, (which I'm not sure of yet) what are the chances a female could have caught it through unprotected vaginal sex without ejaculation?
If a male has and std like gono or chlamydia and have unprotected vaginal sex with a female it would be secreted from fluids inside the urethra through the pumping motion. It would be more of a risk with ejaculation  but not much more. In cases like this it would be almost certain the std would be passed on. The bacteria are in the urethra which is about an inch or so inside the penis so it would not take much to pass it.
So to answer your question it would be almost certain to pass it.
Thank you so much. So what is the risk of contracting an STD like gonorrhea by receiving oral from a gay male? I have no idea about his STD status. The only symptom I have started 2 weeks after the encounter, and it is just a dull, blue ball type feeling off and on.
really hard to establish risk as the more he engaged with other people the more the risk
OK, and there is no way the 3 doses of 500mg amoxicillin spread out over 24 hours could have cured gonorrhea if I had it? So the test this week should be accurate that I never had it at all (if negative)?
I'll refer you to this response from Dr. Hook to a similar question:
"Is a 3 gram single dose of Amoxicillin an effective treatment to Chlamydia, Gonorrhea or any STD with my symptoms? -- No"
Your dose was half of that spread out over 3 doses. I think it's highly unlikely that it would have any effect.
Here's another related thread answered by Dr. Handsfield. Again, this person took more of the dose than you did.
Regarding your dull ache, here's another response from Dr. Handsfield:
"Dull aching of the testicles is not a symptom of any STD, and it certainly does not suggest herpes. The STD/HIV risk from oral sex is very low, even with an infected partner."
Combine all of this with the fact that you also don't mention having symptoms such as sores or penile discharge, you can be pretty confident if you receive a negative test that you were never infected.
Wow this is very helpful... Thank you very much!
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