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Corticosteroids and testing

Hello everyone

I've been using a steroid cream to treat eczema. I hear that these can suppress the immune system. I had a full STD panel 14 weeks after my last exposure, HIV, syph, etc etc. I am worried that the steroids delayed seroconversion and messed up my test results. Does anyone knoe if this is possible?

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If your using a steroid cream on your skin then it won't affect a STD blood test.  Your results are accurate.  I have been treating my exzema for many years with the steroid creme,it has never affected any test that i have taken.    Also remeber that the steriods you are taking is a very small dose i believe .07% something like that.
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A cream probably won't suppress your immune system, since so little gets absorbed.  Your tests are fine.

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