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Dull Testicle Pain and off and dull irritation on penis head

About two months ago I had sex with a girl who is now my girlfirend, wore a condom and almost every time up until now with a condom break or two in between. About a month ago I started having a dull pain on the head of my penis that would come and go and then finally went away but after this went away I started having dull testicle pain that has fluctuated in pain all the time but never has gotten painful just a faint, dull pain. My girlfriend and myself both went and got tested for clamidya and gonnorea and syphilis(I know terrible spelling) with a general urine analysis included and both of us came back negative. I also had a penile exam by a doctor at the same time. I will say that throughout these symptoms my urine has smelled stronger than usual. Last week I came home from college to spend a week home for thanksgiving and found that my symptoms greatly decreased if not dissapeared. I then came back to school and had sex again and the symptoms started up again both a slight irritation on the head of the penis that comes and cannot pin point where on the head it is coming from. The testicle pain started up again as well. Looking for insight as I am a bit worried whats going on considering the negative std tests with no explanation.

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Has a doctor done a prostate exam or any imaging of that? A testicle exam? You're on the young side for prostatitis (an inflamed prostate) but are right in the age group for testicular cancer (though it sounds more like prostate than testicles, especially if both hurt, not just one).




Pain in the tip of your penis is often a sign of chronic prostatitis, or CPPS. This is trickier, because finding the cause of this is difficult.

Ask for a referral to a urologist, preferably one who has experience with CPPS. You can google one in your area by searching "your area urologist CPPS", like "New York City urologist CPPS". If you can't find one, go to a teaching hospital - maybe your college has one? Teaching hospitals are usually more current on the latest information.

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Yes when I went in to get tested for STD's as I had concerns they did the tests as well as did an exam of my penis and testicles since I told them the symptoms I was having and the doctor said that she could feel no swelling or bumps on my testicles and said everything was normal as it should be and asked me if I had any heavy impact to my genital region several times. I finally told her that during sex one time I had slipped out and my penis had a heavy impact that hurt initially but no symptoms of a broken penis after. She said that this is a possible cause of what symptoms I have been experiencing but I did not think the symptoms would last this long. As I am writing you the pain on the tip of my penis has basically gone away and now it is still just the faint come and go dull pain in my testicles that occasionally feels like pain is coming from my very upper groin area almost behind my testicles occasionally. Thanks for you help.
How long has it been since you possibly injured it?

If it continues to linger, follow up with a urologist. Let us know what happens, and I hope you feel better.
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