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Epididymitis I think

My question is to find out what I have. I will see a urologist soon. Anyways my symptoms are nausea, burning when I urinate, only right testicle has bulging veins. Right side back pain. It seems like I did some online research and it seems to me that it can be Epididymitis or Epididymitis sti which is sexually transmitted.id like to know if it is in fact Epididymitis or something else. Does anyone know? I can use all the help I can. It says Epididymitis sti in men is caused by having anal sex with another man or prostate problems. I have not ever done that so wth can it be? Could it be kidney related? Or prostate related? I'm wondering why is it only in 1 testicle that the veins are bulging. does this ever go away? Help please?
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