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Good evening.

About three weeks ago I had insertive oral sex with a transgender who claimed to be completely STD free and did not have HSV one. She actually sent me copies of all of her test results outside of JSV and she was negative at that time. My fear is that well I did not see any open cuts or lesions, That I might have contracted HSV one on my penis. I do not believe I was the only person that she saw that day. Unfortunately, I believe I was one of many.

About 4-5 days after the encounter I started having a dull pain at the tip of my penis, abdominal pain and frequent urination. I thought what I had tingling in my legs and my feet, but also I think that was due to anxiety about the encounter. While I know the risk was low for certain STDs, I was tested for HIV, syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, and trichomonas with all negative result. I went to my primary and it came back clear for my urine, clear for UTI and clear for prostatitis. My doctor Prescribed Cipro for a week, but my symptoms did not improve.

I was referred to a urologist and he confirmed through urine and blood that I did not have prostatitis and my bladder looked good as I had a urethral scope done. Still for the past 3+ weeks I’ve had the same symptoms. In a last resort I got an HSV one and HSV two blood test done. I’ve had Oral herpes for the past 25 years.

My test came back positive for HSV one and negative for HSV-2. So I knew that was gonna come back positive.

When I was getting my screening the only STD I’ve had in the past was HPV. I took some cream to get rid of that about a year ago and during my recent investigation of my penis I noticed that the HPV had come back. I wish my doctor would have tested it for HSV but he scraped it and they were hard and cauliflower like so they used liquid nitrogen to freeze them off.

Here in lies my question… could he have mistaken my HPV for HSV and or could I have HSV in my urethra even though my doctor looked at it with scope?

Can I go to my doctor and have them do a urethral swab to test for HSV one? I am currently taking Levaquin and my Valtrex just in case the worry and anxiety makes me have a oral break out on my lips. With the Valtrex interfere in anyway with a test?

I’m at a loss here at what’s wrong because all tests have been coming back completely negative.
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You already confirmed you have HPV and HSV, why are you stressing?
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Let me clarify…  I have oral HSV. I am the one who received the oral sex. I am worried if I got HSV 1 on my Penis. I got a blood test for both. HSV 1 positive (hopefully just my own oral herpes) and HSV 2 negative… from what I have read, you can get HSV 1 on your genitalia from oral sex… that’s my concern.  
You already have hsv1 orally. That means you have antibodies that protect you from getting it again in another location. People can get hsv1 genitally IF they don't already have it orally.

You are worrying for no reason. :(  

Make sure you are staying hydrated, with lots of water and laying off the alcohol, juices and sports/energy drinks. Those can cause some of the symptoms you were experiencing.
"Individuals who already have HSV-1 oral herpes infection are unlikely to be subsequently infected with HSV-1 in the genital area."

Source: Herpes simplex virus - WHO | World Health Organization
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