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Massage parlour STD risks

Hello,  I went to a massage parlour last week because I had not had sex in years and really badly wanted intimate contact with a woman.  It's just too much of a pain in the *** for me to date women esspecially since 80% of the time it doesn't go anywhere so this seemed like a good alternative.

Anyways I thought overall the place was pretty clean and well kept.  We both showered before and after.  Also I kept my underwear on and we simply pulled my penis through the pee hole.  First thing she did was put a condom on.  We also put tissues around the base of my penis to make sure nothing passes through there.  So for protection I had my underwear, my penis pit through the little pee hole, tissues around the base of my penis where the pee hole is, and a fully intact latex condom that extended to the base of my penis.  First she was on top, then I was on top, and then we went into the doggy position.  Anyways she rubbed her clitoris I think while I was on top.  After that I still didn't have an orgasm as I was trying to hold it in and she just wanted me to have an orgasm so she gave me a handjob instead but took off the condom.  At this time I also took off my underwear.  She put oil on my penis and she may have been using the same hand that rubbed her vagina.  After finishing we both immediately showered and washed our genital areas really well.
After I got out of the shower I put on a fresh pair of underwear that I brought along with me to use when done so I wouldn't have to wear the underwear that was touching her.  I also got to look at her vagina and entire Pubic area and it looked clean but there was a little bit of clear fluid coming out of her vagina.

So far I have no symptoms at all after a week.  What are my chances of getting any STD?  
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No real risk
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Are you sure I have no risk?  I have no symptoms at all and my penis and testicles feel healthy.

I was just concerned about herpes and hpv.  That's why I wore underwear and put tissues around the base of the penis and the condom was fully intact when we were done.

Should I wear 2 condoms next time for added protection?  Or should I wear 2 pairs of underwear?

Is there anywhere I can buy condom underwear that is one complete peice that full protects all areas around the genitals and wraps around you like underwear but is a condom.  I need to get condom underwear ready for next time so I won't have to worry so much.  There needs to be protection around the base of the penis and the testicles too.
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For more info on Herpes and HPV post in those forums.
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Hi Vance.  What kind of condom underwear do you recommend?  I'm looking for full latex protection that protects the exposed skin of my testicles and pubic area.  

When removing the condom underwear, should I remove the condom first or the condom underwear first?  I assume remove the condom under wear first then the condom and then shower?  I'm trying to practice the safest sex possible.
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