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Oral sex ejaculating in partners mouth

I have posted this question in the hiv community and i got answers for my concerns about hiv. I want to know about stds as well.
3 days ago i had an oral sex with another guy (both are gays). First we french kissed for a minute. I did not give oral sex. I only recieved. However, it was rough. Sorry for being graphic, but it was deepthroat. I ejaculated inside his mouth. Where he "sucked" and swollowed my semen. Im not sure, but i felt like he did bite the urethra area. There was no skin tearing and no blood. 
He did not ejaculate nor did i touch his penis. I only fingered him briefly. The next day i heard he was hiv+, dont know if he has any stds. Am i at risk? 
I am anxious and so worried. Can you answer my question please. 
1) What are my risks for getting stds and When should i test? 

2) If i only recieved oral sex and ejaculated in his mouth would it increase my exposure to stds? 

3) if he did bite, i think becuase i feel uncomfortable around the urethra, there was no blood and he did not tear the skin, would put me at risk for any kind of std? 

4) Does french kissing and fingering briefly, but did not penetrate with finger, put me at risk? 

Thank you so much.
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My first response is to not listen to rumors. Most of the time, they are vicious and not based in fact.

That said, it's good to get educated about these things.

Since you received, you are at risk for gonorrhea, syphilis, herpes type 1 and NGU.

Gonorrhea can live in the throat, and even if it's not a deep throat, which yours was, the act of performing oral on a man means that it would have gotten close to the throat anyway.

Syphilis and herpes type 1 (which would become genital herpes type 1 if you got it from oral sex) is far less likely if you didn't notice any sores, though still possible.

NGU is an infection in the urethra that can happen from normal mouth bacteria entering the urethra.

You can test for gonorrhea and NGU at 3-5 days, and syphilis at 90 days. Herpes is 4 months. If you don't get symptoms, I wouldn't worry too much about syphilis and herpes. You may already have hsv1 (think cold sores) and not know it, since 90% of those who have hsv1 never get cold sores. If you'd like to test to see if you have this, ask your doctor for a type specific IgG blood test. I don't see a big need to run out to get one, though. If you've ever had a cold sore, you can assume you have hsv1. If you do, you can't get reinfected with it again. I'd still avoid letting someone with an outbreak perform oral on me, but otherwise, you should be good.

Giving oral has similar risks, except you could get oral hsv2, though that's very rare.

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Thank you for your answer.
Today i spoke to my doctor and he said there is no need to test if i dont have symptoms. He said if i was infected i should see symptoms such as penile discharge. Should i test anyways? Or not unless there is a penile discharge? When will i start see symptoms if i got infected with any of the stds you listed: gonorrhea, syphilis, herpes type 1 and NGU ?
I wouldn't test if you don't get symptoms since the risk is pretty low.

Gonorrhea and NGU would give you a discharge, maybe some pain with urination, some irritation. You might see symptoms of these within a few days to a few weeks (most who get symptoms see them pretty early on), though some never get symptoms.

Symptoms of syphilis can appear between 10-90 days, though most will at about 3 weeks.

Herpes sores usually appear at about 2-20 days.
Why is the risk pretty low? Because i recieved, or because oral sex is not considered a high risk?
Both. There are risks with oral sex, but they are lower than with vaginal or anal sex. Gonorrhea isn't as common as chlamydia, so that lowers the risk some, and probably the most common infection from oral is NGU.

Syphilis isn't that common either, though it on the rise, and unless you get symptoms, I wouldn't worry about hsv1. You may have that already and not even know it.

So yeah, I wouldn't test unless you have symptoms. That advice would probably change if you had unprotected vaginal or anal sex, though.
I have a sore on the tip of penis. I dont know if it was there before the incident or its because of the oral sex. Could it be caused by an std? If it was before the oral sex would it increase my risk or put me at risk for hiv/std?
I know i ask too many questions, but i am really worried.  
What kind of sore? Have you had it checked by your doctor?

Lots and lots of things cause sores on the penis. On the tip of the penis, it could be irritation from urine, a fungal infection, or even from prostatitis.

If it was there before the oral sex, I believe you'd have noticed since I suspect you are pretty busy checking for symptoms.

Since you are so worried, why not go to the doctor (if you haven't already) and just test and put your mind at ease?
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Oh and ejaculating doesn't have a lot to do with it. You can still get these even if no one ejaculates. You ejaculating into someone's mouth doesn't increase your risk for anything, and perhaps increases your partner's risk for something a bit if you have gonorrhea.
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