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Risk for STDs parlor Massage Tongue on Penis

Hello guys,

actually i am a bit nervous regarding a recent sexual activitiy that happened 4 days ago. I went to a private erotic massage. During the massage, I mainly received a handjob. During that handjob,  she wanted to give me an unprotected blowjob. While only her tongue was in contact with my penis (glans) for a second or two, I immediately told her that she should stop and just continue with a handjob. After the massage I asked her if she is always doing unprotected sex which she has declinded. She told me that she is working in the elder care and that she is going to get tested in a cycle of three months.

Is there a risk for receiving an STD (syphilis, hiv, gonorrhea, etc.) from the described activity even if the penis (or just the glans of the penis) was in her mouth for a second or two?

This is driving my crazy...
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There’s no risk from what you described
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