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Scar/Scab on/near head of penis

I am currently working in Sudan, a place where i would rather not go to the Dr.  I need some advice and my internet connection is not good here.  
I have one small scar on the head of my penis and about four others where the head of my penis meets the shaft (looking down - the four scars are on the 'back side' of my penis and the one on the head is on the 'top/front side').  So none of the scars are actually on the shaft of my penis.  They are no larger than about 1.5mm.  The ones on the back side burn (but it could simply be my overthinking/paranoia) I am concerned that they could be herpes - but there is a very good chance that they are simply scars from masturbation.  How long after contacting a vagina do herpes scars usually appear?  I have heard that herpes usually appears on the shaft of a penis.  is this true?
I know this posting may not be as informative as is needed.  What other information can i provide you?  any help is truly appreciated.  This concerns me greatly and I have no one to turn to for advice.  Thank you Dr.
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This could be many things from herpes to bacterial/fungal infection.  

If you are masturbating that rough that it's causing scarring - you really should invest in a good lube. be kind to the lil dude!!

The only way to get to the bottom of this is if you see a medical provider. If it's not bothering you too much and you don't have a partner currently - you could wait until you get somewhere where you can get better medical care. Of course if it gets worse - you should be seen no matter where you are.

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I can't really add anything to the above, but I did want to commend you for the work you are doing over there. It can't be easy since it's a real hot zone there. Take care of yourself.
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Thank you for your advice.
   Yes, i understand about easing up on my penis during masturbation.  Hah - bit embarrassing.  I haven't masturbated in a week and will try to hold off for a while longer to see if the scabs heal themselves.  
The scabs have now developed a harder crust on top (now they are truly scabs - they have changed from wounds to scabs).  Is there any way for me to diagnose myself - you mentioned that it could be anything from herpes to a fungus.  well how can i tell...i went to the UN doctor and he seemed to blow it off - but i don't think he knows too much about STDs as he deals primarily with other Aid workers
I would really like to get to the bottom of this because it concerns me greatly.  Can i provide you with any further information to help pin point what this may be.  
Thank you for your time
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