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Some answers would be amazing!

8 days ago I recieved unprotected oral sex. Over the following days i began to feel concerned as I noticed a very slight tingle on the end of my penis. Over the following days this has developed into Burning when urinating, along with pain in my left testicle which sometimes travels into my leg. Its a dull constant pain, sometimes is more sevre but mainly just a noticable ache. I also noticed the end of my penis is particuarly smelly.

I have no lumps, bumps, rashes, spots etc. No discharge that i notice. I thought it could be something like gonnorhea but I don't know because of the lack of Discharge.
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Well, you could have gonorrhea, chlamydia (not as likely, but possible) or NGU. NGU is any infection in your urethra that is caused by any bacteria that isn't gonorrhea.

It can be caused by normal mouth bacteria entering your urethra, strep if your partner had strep throat, viruses like adenovirus (causes upper respiratory infections), and a wide variety of others.

You really need to get tested. It's just a urine test, and make sure they look for white blood cells in your urine.

Let us know what happens.
Thank you for the insite, I have my test heading my way in the mail so I will update when it's all done and i get results :)
Good. If it's a urine test, make sure you wait at least an hour before urinating before testing, and use the first part of your urine stream.

Let us know.
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