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Unprotected oral sex. Worried :(

Hello. As the title suggests, I (male) had an unprotected oral sex with a sex worker (female) whose health status was unknown 2 days ago. Here's the detail:

Before I received the oral sex, she washed my penis first with a soap. Then, she gave me an oral sex without putting a condom on my penis. She sucked my penis, but not too deep. She kept spitting her saliva during the process. She kept sucking (for about 7 minutes if I'm not mistaken) before I ejaculated. Some of my sperm get into her mouth, however, some went outside her mouth. She immediately washed her mouth, presumably to prevent swallowing my sperm and I waited her for about 3 minutes before I went to the bathroom to wash my penis by using a soap. After I finished washing, I peed. I DIDN'T have a vaginal sex, anal sex, or any other sex after that.

The day after the oral sex, I felt slightly under the weather (A slight fever). However, that day, my mother also get it as well (definitely not related to sexual activities) and I went outside when it was raining and felt exhausted after that. I also felt it this morning, however, after I took a fever medicine, it went better. The timing of my sickness made me question whether I got a slight fever because of the weather and my physical condition, getting infected by my mother, or the unprotected oral sex.

So, let me write once again. I'm worried that I might get an STI/STD. I know that the chances for me getting infected by HIV/AIDS is almost nonexistent. I'm worried that I might get other STI/STD such as gonnorhoea, NGU, syphillis, herpes, chlamydia, HPV, etc. I'm really worried right now sometimes the thought of getting infected haunt my mind and it made me feel guilty to myself for having lack of control.

I read some articles on the internet that I have a pretty big chance of getting infected, while some say I almost certainly will not get infected. Please, I need a doctor tell me more about the risk of unprotected oral sex and the chances of someone getting infected by STI/STD by doing that. I'm really anxious at the moment :(

P.S. Delete my previous posts if I had posted them and let this post stay. The internet connection was bad atm.
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Hi getting any std from what you describe is very low risk and no std shows symptoms the next day.
Would you please explain more why is it a very low risk?
Also, what are the symptomps of getting infected by STDs such as gonnorhoea, NGU, syphillis, herpes, chlamydia, HPV, etc.?
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For a number of reasons, oral sex is an ineffective transmission of STI's.  For most, the risk of transmission is low, for others, it's zero.  There is a slight possibility that you could have caught gonorrhea or NGU from receiving oral sex, but the odds are you didn't.  Chlamydia and HPV have zero risk, and syphilis and herpes are low or no risk, unless the woman giving you oral sex had an active sore.  Most health care providers don't recommend STI testing based on oral sex alone.  

If you don't have any symptoms (discharge dripping from your penis, or burning sensation when you urinate), you can safely assume that you didn't caught anything.  

If you're still worried about it, you can schedule an STI screening as part of your next physical, and I would expect everything to come back negative.
What kind of dripping? I did masturbate this morning, and it made me question whether it was a pre-cum or the dripping you mentioned. Would you please tell me the characteristics of the dripping caused by std/sti?

Also, in case (hopefully not) I got infected, how to make sure that people around me don't get infected by my std/sti? Can saliva spread it? Or only some bodily fluids (sperm, vaginal fluid, blood, and breast milk) can spread it, just like in HIV/AIDS case?

Please, tell me. I'm worried again :(
You're overly worried about this.  Discharge from your penis means that your penis is leaking a thick milky fluid - which is different from semen.  If you go to use the bathroom, and there's white fluid dripping out of your penis, then you have discharge.  If there's some white fluid that comes out when you masturbate, that's semen.  

STI's are spread by having unprotected sex.  Unless you're having unprotected sex with someone, there's no risk of accidentally spreading an STI. If you are having unprotected sex with someone, and you're worried you have an STI, then you can visit your doctor for a gonorrhea test.  

Based on your encounter, and based on your lack of symptoms, you almost certainly have nothing to worry about.  
Update: Today I felt some slightly burning sensation in my penis when peeing. It's intermitttent. Sometimes I feeI it, sometimes I don't. I know I always use soap when washing my penis, but this kind of thing rarely happens before I got oral sex, and it made me question again whether an infection caused it or not.

And I would like to ask again. Do std/sti besided HIV/AIDS have their own window period? I have consulted a doctor and she said I should get tested immediately, however, some people said I should wait. What should I do? I'm really confused, frightened and depressed here.
You're looking for reasons to believe you've contracted an STI, when the evidence indicates the contrary.  When you have gonorrhea, you don't have a "slight burning" feeling - it feels like you're urinating gasoline on fire.  

You can consult a doctor and get a chlamydia/gonorrhea test, which will certainly come back negative.  In a few weeks, you can get a syphilis/HIV test, which will also certainly come back negative.    
Hi, when is the right time to get tested? I know the tests are rather expensive, especially the herpes ones, but I have to do it.
How many weeks, to be exact? Especially the herpes ones.

Also, can urine test give conclusive results about gonorrhea and other bactery-caused std/stis? I've done it a week ago, and it all came out negative.
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