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Urine Test after treatment but still have epididymitis symptoms

I was diagnosed with epididymitis by a Urologist but he did no testing for STI.  I had no symptoms of Chlam or Gon but had strong symptoms of Epididymitis.  Extreme sensitivity to touch.  Felt like I got kicked hard in the testicles when my left testicle brushed against something lightly. I was treated with Cipro for 14 days.  I also self treated with 1g Zithro.  Symptoms got significantly better after 4 days of cipro.  If my Epid. was the result of chlam or gon the Zithro should have cured anything in the urethra.  Several weeks later I feel the epid. coming back.  My question is this.  IF the epid was caused by STI and it was cleared in the urethra but not in the epididymis would a Gon/Chlam NAAT urine test show the bacteria from the epididymis?
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If the bacteria were only in the epi then theres a chance a urine test would not pick it up as the epi is not connected but if you did have gono  or chlamydia before, you  would have had symptoms in your urethra first like a big time white penis discharge, burning while urinating or with chlamydia, urthrea itching. In my experience most all men would have urethra symptoms first and with gono i would say all men would have symptoms.
Thank you for the response.  I am mainly concerned that the Zithro cleaned out the urethra before symptoms surfaced but would not have effectively targeted the epi infection. the cipro is not the recommended treatment for sti related epididymitis but greatly improved the testicular pain. my exposure was extremely low risk, but the epididymitis is the biggest coincidental timing ever.  I have had anxiety driven "symptoms" ever since the epididymitis.
what was your risk
Protected vaginal, and very brief unprotected oral(really just licking, no insertive) with with a professional
you cant get any std inside your penis that would travel to your epi from your affair so what ever the diagnoses was its not from the professional
Pretty incredible what anxiety can manifest.  Thank you for the help!
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