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Vaginal Blisters???

Earlier this week, me and my fiancee had PROTECTED sex with a different brand of condom than what is regularly used and the next morning I had irritation that I thought to be a UTI again. I also noticed a "warm" yellow discharge that had either come out of nowhere, or increased dramatically after intercourse. I briefly researched allergic reaction to latex and found no real answers to how i felt down there. The day after this I began to have more painful irritation and vaginal lesions or sores or blisters if you will, especially when using the bathroom this became somewhat of a hassle. I'm one to run to a doctor when something does not feel right, so I went to the hospital after work that day and the doctor/gyno  on duty "visually" confirmed Herpes while doing a pap smear, and told me to contact the state dept for my std results. She also said that I had an infection and my cervix was inflamed, which I could definately feel during the pap as well. I started the meds she gave and now seem to have slight, verry verry light spotting and decreased yellow discharge, yet increased clear/cloudy discharge instead. I am hoping beyond all hope that is is just a horrible reaction to the condom and not what she said in a matter of looking at my outer labia. I basically went from having sex on a sunday night to a possible herpes diagnosis friday night, it happened that fast. Anyone else with similar issue or symptoms???
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Do you all always have protected sex?  Its possible that you had a reaction to the new type of condom, and it caused bacterial vaginosis or yeast, but your test results will have to tell you what is going on.

Have you all ever been tested for herpes?  If you have a regular doctor, you should ask for a type specific IgG blood test, as should your fiancee.

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I'm hoping someone can help ASAP. I recently had protected sex with my only partner whom I've been with for over a month now. We normally don't use protection but we did this time. I think I may have had an allergic reaction to the condom because I became red, irritated, and itchy afterwards. I was visiting my moms, so I found what I could in her medicine cabinet to ease my discomfort. I used aerosol gold bond, now I have painful blisters. I am miserable. Please any suggestions??
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