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What am I at risk for??

I imagine you receive scared questions like mine all the time so I apologize in advance but I will ask anyway.

I recently had sex with an escort...she gave me unprotected oral and I even gave her some stupidly. It was on the 27th of this month. I feel a slight sore throat and I know that may or may not be something...I can't pinpoint any other symptoms but my fear has me ready to spend on an STD battery...and just the thoughts of what I couldmor could not have are making me feel psychosomatic things and playing on my fears.

When I went down on her she didnt smell/taste super fresh but Im not sure if that was poor hygeine or an STD she had.

What are my possible STD risks from what I've done, I'm starting to scare myself when I think about this and wish more than anything I could take back what I did.


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Hi, giving her oral is very low risk for things like gono or chlamydia as would have to come in contact with the back of your throat in the mucus membranes which is somewhat impossible as your tongue would be the only thing in contact and mouth salvia contains enzimes that is a hostile enviornement for bacterias,
There would be a risk for herpes and syphilis but if she did not have any vaginal sores that risk would be sustainually low.
Her giving you oral would be a risk for herpes and syphilis but again no mouth sores pretty low risk.
As for her givning you gono or chlamydia from oral, your penis would have to be in contact with the back of her throat like a t"deep throat" oral.

Test if you have a long term partner.
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Thank You...to your knowledge is there a way to stay confidential with the testing and/or treatment I fear if this ever came out my marriage would be done and I want to learn from my mistakes...ie by the fear I have coursing through me right now but hopefully not from losing a marriage.

Should I test mainly for Gono/herpes/Chlamydia/Syphillis from what I've told you? I'm going to test tomorrow.

Thank you for your kind advice,
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