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What do I have?!?

Hello, and thanks for the time reading my question!

ME: 30 yr. old male with no prior health issues of any kind.

This all began the first of February with having unprotected sex with a high risk girl.(My biggest mistake) 30 days later I began having discomfort in my right testicle. I immediately went and got tested. As a matter of fact I had a "full panel" done while I was at it. No STDS's detected. and everything looked good.

A few weeks after that, I began having this overwhelming tiredness. Even trembles in my hands slightly at times. Others described me as looking "clammy"

The pain in my right testicle seemed to linger but sometimes I would feel added discomfort above in the gland area on the right side and sometimes running down my leg a little.

My doctor thought perhaps I had epididymitis and issued me doxycycline for 10 days. I took the antibiotics and felt like maybe it was beginning to help. I followed up with my doctor and they said the discomfort may linger for awhile until it totally goes away. so I waited!!!!!

It never got any better and the pain gradually got worse. I noticed the pain seem to get worse after masturbation. So needless to say I've been limiting that! The pain seems to move around. sometimes it does not feel that bad and only in the testicle and mostly after ejaculation. Still tired -  LOTS of sleep seems to help it, but I've never slept so much before In my life! Very out of character for me.

Finally in June, the pain moves further south to the perineum area. Right testicle is still slightly sore, but not bad. However I sometimes feel "pens and needles" feeling, which is weird! Still tired. Finally went to a Urologist, and he checked my prostate and for hernia. Said everything seems ok. Issued me Ciprofloxacin and have been on it for nearly 2 weeks, I lapsed for about 3 days with out before I was able to pick up a refill for the RX. During that time the pain moved from the perineum area to my anus for a couple of days. very scary and painful. Little hard to set.

Here I am on July 8th and the anus pain seems to have went away. I still feel mild discomfort in the whole groin area. Tiredness. I'm actually feeling a little discomfort along my throat on one side( for 2 days, which that might be something totally unrelated! I HOPE!!!!!!

I have not felt right since February. I feel like I have no sex drive now.

I am so totally scared and freaked out by this. The urologist said to try and not worry about it so much, but no matter how much I put it out of my mind, at the end of the day when I'm still hurting, its hard not to worry!
I had not had sex with anyone for about 2 years prior to this. And have not had sex since. Just a one time mistake that has cost me dearly.

Is this a bacterial infection of some kind? and will this go away? Do I need to stay on Cipro? and for how long?

If I do not have any stds, is this something I can pass on to a future partner? This must be sexually transmitted right? Because how did I get it?

Its so scary not knowing!!! Please help. Any information you can provide would be SOOO appreciated!

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No clue what this is or would be, STD pain does not move and is not really in any of the areas you spoke of. Maybe just simple anxiety?
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I have been told that before. I have tried so hard to just forget about this, but still at the end of the day I still feel discomfort. I have given up on masturbation. I sometimes would a few a days a week. that seems to irritate it. I'm trying to completely leave it alone and forget it. Maybe it will go away. Could it be something other than a STD? but what? Now a days it seems to be a little better. Its back to feeling kinda like when it first started - like someone squeezing my right testicle and a little pain behind the testicle (like in the crease where my leg meets my pelvis) I'm not sexually active. This was the first time in years. I just made a mistake. Truth is I met an amazing women and want to marry her. But I'm scared of passing something on to her.
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