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menstrual period

I fingered a prostitute during her menstrual period(we did not have any other sex). During the case, I used the finger with her menstrual period blood to touch my small open wound, then what is the risk for me to be infected with syphilis or other stds? Because I know from this forum that syphilis can be infected through blood to blood.
thank you!
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Where on this forum did anyone ever say syphillis is blood to blood?

You had no risk.
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thank you! I have seen from this forum that if the blood with syphilis virus enter your blood streem and then you will be infected.
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Show me proof that you saw that, because no one on this forum ever said that.
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you mean I can not be infected with syphilis through blood to blood ?
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syphilis can be transmitted through blood which is why we screen for it when you donate blood  but it takes far more than this type of encounter to transmit it.  

your concerns are unrealistic and you shouldn't be worrying about any infections from this encounter.

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