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missed diagnosis

i had protected sex with a partner on march 16th.  i had a pap smear with a full std screen done on march 17th.  everything came back normal and negative.  Two weeks ago on march 24th i had unprotected sex with the same partner.  fearing something wrong two weeks after that i got tested and came up positive for gonnorhea.  i want to know if it is possible my pap smear missed it on march 17th?
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A PAP smear is not used as a diagnostic tool for STDs.  While infections can show up on the PAP, it cannot be used to diagnose infections such as Chlamydia or Gonorrhea.  Also, your negative STD results on the 17th really did not mean anything since they were done too soon.  It is possible you were infected the first time you were with your partner, however it is more likely you were infected on the 24th since you had unprotected sex.  Gonorrhea is mainly transmitted through unprotected intercourse.  
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i put in the wrong dates.  i had protected sex on the 16th of march and was tested on the 17th of march.  the results were negative.  i had unprotected sex on may 23 with the same partner and two weeks later i was retested and came out postive.  i was wondering and know it's more then likely-but i was wondering if the test missed it the first time or is this something that i just caught the second t ime around?
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this isn't gonna change anything Emmas response is still gonna be the same.
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