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oral sex on a women sex sex worker, now issues in my mouth after 3/4 weeks

About 5 weeks ago I had protected sex With a sex worker but I went down on her(not protected).

After a few days till today I have a very mild sore throat, difficulties swallowing and I have issues in my mouth with hard bump in my mouth where my bottom gun inside and also dry mouth, and burning type tongue, and a couple of days ago more bumps at the back of tongue.
I had a full blood test, in the second week and all came back normal, as the doctor thought it might be mouth cancer. They have referred me to dentist.  My lips feel sensitive I’m guessing though this infection I have in my mouth.
I have not had a high fever or rash or drenching night sweats,  I’ve always suffered from sinutus and that has come back this week. I wouldn’t be so worried but I do feel week at times and not sure why mouth has burning sensation in mouth and my tongue  feels sore, Ive started to use corsodyl mouthwash, seems a little better bit still sore tongue, and very mild sore and some time it becomes inflamed then after salt water gargles and ibuprofen seems settle back down.
My front lip is also inflamed with with white film over it.
I’ve read oral sex is low risk by Lizzie Lou in terms of HIV, again this was confirmed by Pagal_Guythat it is not HIV (thank you )

Does any body know what it is ?
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There is nothing else to add about HIV, as you have already been informed. Oral sex exposes you to gonorrhea, syphilis and herpes. Tests need to be performed as follows in order to get an accurate result:

-Gonorrhea, 3 weeks after the exposure.
-Syphilis, 6 weeks after the exposure.
-Herpes, 3 months after the exposure.

I tell you this for possible future exposure, but now you have received advice from a doctor, so please follow her/his instructions.

All the best.
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Thank you dragonplus. HIV is closed and understood.

In terms of the the Symptoms   I have in my mouth, dose any of what I’ve described sound like it related.
I will get the test done, but I’ve read a lot and none of seems to stack up ?

Can you advise?

Very much appreciated
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