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oral/vaginal sex with condom in asian massage parlor

I recently went to an asian massage parlor and had the masseuse perform oral sex on me.  I then took it another step further and did vaginal.  But as soon as I started I changed my mind.  I was only inserted in her for about 30 secs and not fully inserting.  I then asked her to just finish me off orally.  All this was done with a condom she put on and the condom didn't break.  Am I at risk for catching HIV and other STD's?  Terribly  nervous.  3 days after the incident I got a runny nose, I wake up every morning since then feeling like I have a flu but I have no fever and its lasted about 8 days now.  I took the at home quick HIV test and it came back negative, but then again it's only been 12 days.  Does ARS symptoms appear 3 days after an infection?  Thanks for any advice in advance.  Would love to hear some thoughts on my situation.  
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Hi, since the condom was used there was no risk for hiv. With the protected vaginal, the risk would be for herpes and syphilis but if she did not have any sores and your pubic mound area didnot make contact with hers, there would be no risk for these either.
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Thanks for responding!  That makes me feel a lot better.  I guess the symptoms I'm feeling are just paranoia and coincidence.  Do you suggest taking a test anyway at the 3 month mark for peace of mind?
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