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skin colored bumps/lumps on penis?

have had these bumps for years
havent gotten worse havent gotten better
went to a doctor once, they did'nt seem too concerned and they prescribed me a medication that was for herpes.
it did nothing.
some people have said it's just a skin condition but whatever it is I want it gone.
there are small bumps all over my shaft and scrotum (cannot see well without stretching skin or really looking, have been told they're keratin or protein build up for hair or something like that)
although the part that bothers me is on the bottom of my shaft I have larger bumps (not clustered) a couple larger near the base and a few smaller toward the head.
never seem to change in size or anything. never hurt, never itched.. they're just there
if I squeeze them white will come out pretty much like popping a pimple...

i dont want to go to a doctor again since most of them around here dont seem to really care and just want money
any help GREATLY appreciated.
have looked at pictures of stds and cannot match up to anything
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also just noticed while doing more looking around that the small un noticible bumps on my shaft and scrotum i was refering to look like penile papules.
could this have anything to do with the larger ones on the bottom of my penis?
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You really should confirm whatever you think you have with a doctor.   I am sure there are good compassionate doctors in the state of Florida.   I am sorry to hear some medical provider just gave you medication for herpes when you probably didn't need it.

You need to see a good doctor (they are out there) for whatever is bothering you about these bumps or STD concerns.   A igg HSV-2 and igg HSV-1 would tell you if you have herpes.  
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It sounds like hair follicles, or sebaceous bumps, Ive got them all over my penis and scrotum there completely normal, dont pop them as when they grown back next time theyll be bigger.
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If the doctor doesn't seem bothered I wouldn't think it's that serious but I would check it out again
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