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Can I transmit Std if it is early in incubation period?

48 hours ago I had an encounter with a female escort.

We had unprotected reciprocal sex for over 20+.
We has protected vaginal sex.
I was 70% erect for vaginal. The condom was on tight. I checked for breakage and don't think i saw any obvious tear.
I asked her status and she was not very clear. She refused my offer to test her.
Today I went to urologist and he said it is low risk.
I have a gf and want to be safe. I mentioned this to  doctor and he said that in the slim chance I caught anything, while it's incubating there would be no chance of my transmitting to my gf.

Is that accurate? Would it be safe to have sex with my gf if I had any Std incubating such as HIV?
How at risk of catching STDs am I from oral, especially having performed cunnilingus as I suffer from bleeding gums, although not prior to encounter or after.
Does my encounter warrant concern?
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There is a certain time frame when it is incubating. But dont risk it, it can be transmitted.
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The reciprocal.oral.sex was unprotected.tje vaginal was protected.

The information I have gotten and what I have read from doctor's on this site are contradictory.

For people with same exposure as I, CSW, unprotected oral and protected vaginal, the.docto's.say it doesn't warrant testing and that having relations with significant other would be fine.

So which is it? I appreciate moderators answering but would be great to get one of the MDs to chime in. I understand many things are repetitive, but given I met with live doctor and I am getting conflicting advice from you, it make a lay person go crazy.

Please help.
Hi, when a person has a mate any risk is to much as she is an innocent person. the sex you mention is a risk for syphilis, herpes and gono for the oral. test for her protection.
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