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Encounter with an escort. Burning feeling in groin area

Hello Dr. I am a 45 year old Male. Yesterday I had an encounter with an eacort I had never seen before. She seemed very clean and taken care off. Also many reviews had high praises  about her. Not to get into to much detail, oral sex was performed on me for several minutes without a condom. During that time I asked her to slow down so she went to licking and sucking on my balls. She alternated for about 10-15 mins then proceeded to put a condom on and I had intercourse with her for another 15 or so mins. After I cleaned up and took a shower before going on my way. When I got home that evening I took another shower to me super sure I was clean. During the night I started feeling a burning sensation in the groin area mainly like jock itch but also feels like on my ball sack. Other than that I have no symptoms. No burning while I pee. I do however feel hot all over my body occasionally throughout the day and start sweating profusely. I am worried about an STD or something of that nature. Yes I'm stupid for allowing oral sex performed on me without a condom. Thank you for any help you can give me.
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Painful sensation after a sexual encounter is normal, as skin is really sensitive in the genital area. As you used condom, there is nothing to worry about regarding vaginal sex. You received oral sex, which exposes you to gonorrhea, syphilis and herpes. You can test as follows:

-3 weeks after the encounter, for gonorrhea.
-6 weeks after the encounter, for syphilis.
-3 months after the encounter, for herpes.
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ThNk you. Are any of the symptoms I described in line with any of those STDs mentioned?
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