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Infection detected - group B strep

Recently my partner did a swab test due to unusual vagina discharge and itchiness..The test result came back as Strep B colonisation & yeast detected. However T. Vaginalisis not found. Please advise what is Strep B all about? It is a STD and can it be cured? The doctor is not available to explain on the result and we are clueless. I'm worried that I've pass something to my partner.
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Thanks Auntiejessie. I took 4th gen rapid combo test on the 41 day after the last protected exposure. The result was negative. Recently I experience jock itch at my inner thigh followed by painful ulcer on my tongue besides the above Strep B diagnosis for my partner. I'm now worried that the result is false negative and these are the symptoms of hiv or any other stds.
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Your 41 day test is conclusive. Whatever she has, and whatever you have, is not because of HIV.

If you had protected sex, you can't get HIV.

Are you getting any help for your anxiety? For the reasons why you continue (or at least it sounds like you continue) to go outside your relationship when it stresses you out so much? No judgement here, but clearly, your anxiety can't handle these activities, and yet you continue to do it. A therapist could really help you with that.
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No, it is not transmitted sexually.  It is extremely common and rarely causes problems.  Here's some info about Strep B: https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/group-b-strep/symptoms-causes/syc-20351729

If the doctor believe it requires treatment, a simple round of common antibiotics will be prescribed.  You did not and could not have given this to her.
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Dear CurfewX, thank you for the assurance. However, could you advise how Strep B can be contracted and how serious it is. Can it completely cured or it can be only controlled?
Did you read the link that CurfewX gave you?

Strep B is a naturally occurring bacteria. It can be in the intestines and genital tracts. Unless a woman is pregnant, it's not considered serious at all, and she may not need treatment. Since she has symptoms, her doctor may give her antibiotics to treat her.

It can cause chronic problems, but not usually if it's found genitally. If or when she gets pregnant, she'll need to tell her doctor that she's tested positive for group B strep, and they'll manage that medically, but since they'll know ahead of time, it's fine.

If she gets antibiotics now, it will cure this overgrowth, but it's possible to get it again. Think of it like a yeast infection - we can cure a current yeast infection, which is something we naturally have but can have an overgrowth, but it's possible that a woman will get another one in her lifetime.

This is nothing to worry about - she's going to be fine.
Thanks Auntyjessie. I took 4th gen combo rapid test on day 41 after my last protected exposure and it came out negative. Recently I experienced jock itch at my inner thigh and ulcer on my tongue, besides above strep B with my partner. I'm now worried that the result is false negative and the symptoms that I and my partner having is related to hiv or other sti.
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