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Kissing any risk of hepatitis transmission


Have a encounter of kissing for a few seconds, I am kind of passive and not reciprocating, but it was still mouth to mouth, tongue to tongue.

The other party has always yellowing of the eyes.

I am afraid there could be risk of transmitting hepatitis if she has it.

Would there be risk of hepatitis for me ?
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I totally agree with Curfew's answer, if you needed a second opinion.

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Hepatitis A is only transmitted through feces, usually by eating contaminated foods.  Kissing is not a real concern.

Hepatitis C is transmitted by blood, and is almost always transmitted by sharing needles for drug use.  Kissing is not a viable method of transmission for Hep C.  

The only concern would be Hepatitis B, which can be transmitted by microscopic blood in saliva https://www.webmd.com/hepatitis/hepatitis-and-sex-frequently-asked-questions.   In adults, Hepatitis B is almost always acute and self-resolves.  If you have been vaccinated against Hep B, there is no cause for concern.  

Kissing, overall, is an extremely low-risk activity for anything apart from common viral and bacterial infections, such as strep throat, colds, flu, and of course, COVID-19.  You should not concern yourself with hepatitis from kissing, realistically.
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