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Possible infection please help

On June 22nd I had an encounter with a ts sex worker . (Curiosity) I just wanted to jerk off and watch her jerk at the same time . But she ended up grabbing my penis , and stroking me off till I came 2 minutes. I also touched her for a minute but she did not cum. And I don’t think I touched myself back with the same hand. I was tested 2 days after the encounter 24th . To soon I know . I also started cipro from doctor on Sunday the 27th. The very next day I started having testicle pain. Fairly bad . So went back to the doctor 2 weeks after incident . Checked for chlamydia , ghonorhea , and syph. All came back negative Wednesday July 7th . July 9th I started having itchy throat and now have oral thrush. My tongue is white . I am going crazy thinking I have an sti .
. Never had an issue before any of this .
- sore painful testicles. Throbs throughout the day .
- generally sick feeling.  Weak , hard to lift weights, constantly confused.
-scrotum feels like it has fluid inside whole sack. Not red .
-thrush in mouth / sore throat / dry cough
- girlfriend feeling nausea and extremely tired all day.
It’s a super ****** feeling to go through . I’m
Scared syph may have been to early to check for as well .
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So the only thing that happened was a handjob? There is absolutely no risk for an STD there.

I don't know what is causing your symptoms, but it isn't an STD.

Have you been actually diagnosed with thrush? A white tongue isn't necessarily thrush.

No STD causes weakness, confusion, or a dry cough.

How much of this do you think could be anxiety? Or maybe guilt?

Have you had a doctor evaluate your scrotum symptoms? Maybe you have a hernia or something, but it's not an STD from this encounter. You had no risk.
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Why did the doctor give you Cipro? Did you actually test positive for something, maybe a UTI?
The doctor gave my Cypro because I had a burning kind of sensation on the tip of my penis. I also had a ultra sound done that came back normal . Only thing was small hydroceles which I have already had but have got bigger 19/9mm.
Hand job was 100% the only thing that happened. I’m more concerned of it being done purposefully .
This is my tongue as of now
https://imgur.com/a/PozwDlz This was my urinalysis from yesterday.
Trace of ketones & low lymph #s.
Hydroceles aren't caused by STDs, and you should follow up with a urologist if yours is getting bigger.

Cipro can cause thrush, which I don't know if you have - you might. Has a doctor seen it?

I'm not sure what the "purposeful" part of the hand job is intending- even if she meant to do it, it can't infect you with an STD.

The Cipro - had you actually tested positive for a bacteria? Any white blood cells in your urine?

So follow up with your doctor about your tongue, and your urologist about your hydrocele. This is NOT an STD. It's not possible, and you've tested negative for everything.
Thanks a lot for the reply . I really really appreciate it. I am scheduled to see a urologist soon (whenever they call to schedule ) to see if they want to deal with it now. I did test positive for a bacteria but it was a general bacteria . The doctor said you could wipe your skin and maybe get the same result . I’m more scared about all my symptoms as I have a 4 year girlfriend at home . And within the last week she has said she has been feeling really ******. Over sleeping , fatigued as well. I was completely fine before this encounter.
She only rubbed my penis head didn’t stroke . So I am scared something may have been introduced from her hand to my penis opening .
There is no such thing as "general bacteria" - every bacteria has a name.  Doctors say that so they don't have to get in longer discussions with patients. Ask the doctor what kind of bacteria it was, and what your actual diagnosis was. Did you have a urinary tract infection, a prostate infection, or what.

If he said you could wipe your skin and get the same result, it might be staph, which is a very common bacteria that resides on our skin, but can UTIs as well.

I don't know what's wrong with your gf - she should see her doctor.

None of this is related to your encounter. It's coincidence.

What about my scrotum being inflamed or swollen . And feels liquid filled
Mixed with the pain . Today is about a 7/10
And this tongue lol
If you are experiencing pain anywhere in your body at a 7 out of 10 level, you should seek medical attention immediately.  While it is definitely NOT an STD, you could have an unrelated infection, testicular torsion, or some other medical issue that needs professional attention.  
I already have been in and out of the doctor . My ultra sound came back normal other then hydrocele . All my testing has came back negative but did not receive syphillis testing back yet
I agree with curfewX, and responded to your PM accordingly, though you didn't mention the 7/10 pain level. If it's this bad, you need to go to an ER. You have an inflamed scrotum that feels fluid-filled and a 7/10 pain level. That's a medical emergency.

This is NOT an STD, and definitely not syphilis, which would only cause a painless sore and not swelling or fluid or pain, but it does warrant immediate attention.
I know you guys think it’s not sti related . But literally all my
Problems started after this encounter. I just left the doctor  . All my stuff came back negative but my syphillis test isn’t back yet . He looked at my scrotum and told me my right testicle has definitely increased since last week . I’m sketching hard waiting for this test to come back . And even then it was only after 3 weeks so may not even be in the window period
And he also said hydroceles can be an infection , sti?? Sorry for being hard to deal with . Trying to figure this out
And tingle sensation throughout scrotum
Yes, an STI can cause a hydrocele. Most, though, develop for no apparent reason, or because of another issue where the channel to the testicles hasn't closed.



Please read those links.

Even though it can be caused by an STI, a handjob isn't a risk for an STD.

Here are some posts from our experts (when we had them) that may help - please read them.





https://www.medhelp.org/posts/HIV---Prevention/Vaginal-fluid-on-hand-touched-inside-of-condom-and-head-of-penis/show/1119533 - read this thread thoroughly. There is an excellent explanation about why certain activities are not risks, and why others are.
Thank you very much . I appreciate this post . Is 21 days sufficient for syph testing ?
You sent me this in a PM, and I'm posting it here because I want others to be able to read it and get the same info.

You said that the person who gave you the handjob was a sex worker, and the chances were 9/10 that she had an STI.

We know it was from a sex worker, and it doesn't matter. Even if she has an STI, it's not on her hands. People with STIs aren't infectious from their hands. They are only infectious from the site of infection. If she has genital herpes, for example, she is only infectious from her genitals, and you would only get it from her if your penis had actual direct, unclothed contact (with friction over time) with her unclothed vagina or anus.

She wouldn't be infectious from her hands, arms, legs, back, chest, etc.

People with STIs are not walking, talking bio-hazards. You can hug them, kiss them, have casual contact with them. You can even get handjobs from them.


Also, sex workers usually are very serious about protection, and while they have more sex partners than many others, they are protecting themselves from their clients. They aren't trying to infect people. Generally, they don't care a lot about you, they are trying to save their lives, and their livelihoods. They might have higher STI rates, but probably not at the rates you might think.
I get what your saying . Yes I’m sure her hands are clean . But what about when she is jerking herself off playing with her head . Is there not pre cum worries when she plays with herself then polishes my dick ?
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