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Question on window perioids

Hey all! This is more to clear something up.

I understand window periods for HIV is 4 weeks with a 4th gen test and Syphilis is 6 weeks.

I have ordered a test kit and it says the window period is 2 weeks for chlamydia and gono but alot of people here say 5 to 7 days. Which is it!

I have brief unprotected sex (both oral and vaginal) last Friday. Only about 5 to 10 mins max. Im not to worried regarding HIV and Syphilis (I live in a low rate area for syphilis and I understand the risk for HIV is there but in my country the risk is 0.04% transmission if the person is positive. I will get a separate test at 4 weeks mind!)

Im just unsure if I should wait another week or not for a conclusive result!
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Do you live in the UK, by any chance? It seems they say the window period for gon and chlamydia is 2 weeks, but in the US, it's usually about 5 days.

Here's some info from our experts, when we had them -



I hope that helps. :)
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