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Right testicle pain A few days after receiving oral

Hi I’m a 23 year old straight male , real healthy exercise daily and drinks lots of water , two nights ago I had an unprotected exposure with a female I been seeing for awhile  , I use condoms all the time but the case is I received unprotected oral from her , I don’t really know her history besides just going off her word that she said she’s clean so I went along with her giving me felatio... and that’s all she did . I’m kind of an anxious person so idk if the dull pain is due to an symptom of an std or something else but I currently been checking for discharge since then I have no burning pain when pee or discharge but I heard chlamydia or gonnorea can show no symptoms of discharge so it boosts my anxiety more so my question is can this be an early sign of infection ? Should I keep checking until I notice any signs of burning or discharge or am I just being too anxious ?
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Testicular pain isn't the most common symptom of an STD, but it could be. I'd be more likely to think it's a varicocele.

From receiving oral sex, you can get gonorrhea, NGU (an infection in the urethra), syphilis, and genital herpes type 1.

Syphilis will give you a round, painless sore. It wouldn't appear for at least 3 weeks, and it's uncommon, so it's not that.

Genital herpes type 1 would give you blisters, and wouldn't cause testicular pain. You might get the blisters within 2 days, but the average is 4. It's not herpes.

NGU is any infection in the urethra that isn't gonorrhea. It might cause testicular pain, but 2 days is really soon to see symptoms of it. It can be caused by normal mouth bacteria, things like adenovirus (which usually causes bronchitis and other upper respiratory illnesses), strep, etc.

Gonorrhea usually causes a discharge and maybe pain with urination, though many men get no symptoms. 2 days is VERY soon to get symptoms.

Is there a possibility that even some of this is just a hyper-awareness of your body because your anxious?

You can test for gonorrhea and NGU at 5 days, so get through the weekend, and test on Monday. Don't have any sexual activity, in case you do have something.

There's no need for constant checking. If you have a discharge, you'll notice it when you use the bathroom or change your clothes. Too much checking will just cause irritation, and then you'll have more symptoms that will freak you out.

Hope you feel better.
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Yeaah it’s going on day 3 and still no painful urination or discharge just the slight testicle pain still it either geta worse in certain positions when I lay down or better when I stand  , ima just go get tested to make sure .. I could’ve just injured myself but I don’t wanna take any chances so I’ll book an appointment at a close walk in clinic to make sure .
How's it going today? Feeling any better or worse?

When is your appt?
I have my appointment tomorrow morning at 9:20 , I still been having the pelvic pain/ testicle pain and pain when erect but it’s been slight  but no pain when I urinate , I did notice a slight bit of white discharge a few days ago when I’d squeeze the tip of my penis but since then I haven’t noticed anything strange ima just have the doctors give me the medicine/shot  just Incase plus do a urine / blood test .
Don't get treated unless they think you have an infection. If you come back negative for STDs, treating with antibiotics you don't need can mess up further testing your regular doctor may need to do.

This sounds like it might involve your prostate, since you are having pains with erections and testicle pain. Just go in and let them test you, and don't get ahead of yourself. If they think you have gonorrhea, the treatment is a shot and some pills - it may be 1, 2 or 4, or a 7 day course.

Let us know how it goes.
So what if they do ask me if I want the treatment after they take my urine sample and blood? Should i take it or just wait another week for my results while holding up on the slight  pain ? I can’t see my primary doctor until the beginning of April so I have a few weeks until then as well for further testing just Incase I do come out clean and I’ll let you know for sure .
Follow their suggestions after they test you. Some places can look for white blood cells in your urine or on a swab there in the office before sending it off for testing. If they find white blood cells, definitely do the treatment.
So they ended up treating me anyways since they said it was to early for me to test from the date of my sexual contact and so far I’ve been feeling great since they gave me the shot and medicine. as far as feeling any pain I’m not sure if it was std related or not but none the less I feel back to normal and my mind can rest but I’ll be following up with my doctor for any other causes such as varocele/ or injury to the testicles to see if If I injured anything .
An i also have to abstain from sex for awhile they told me so the medicine can take it’s course
So they didn't test you? That's unfortunate. They could have tested you for gonorrhea, chlamydia and NGU. Those are accurate at 5 days.

In any case, the important thing is that you got treated and are already feeling better. Absolutely abstain from sex for at least 7 days, or until your symptoms are totally gone - whichever is longer. You should also tell your current partner what's going on so she can test. If it's an STD, and you have sex with her again, you will get infected again. Even if you don't have sex with her again, and she has an STD, it could cause serious long term health consequences for her, including infertility, scarring, and chronic pain. She may not even know she has it.

Keep us posted on how you're doing.
Yes I actually did tell her what I was experiencing and she kept telling me she was clean so I didn’t want to keep pressing her on the matter , so I did tell her I won’t have sex with her anymore until she goes anyway so it’s totally up to her , my pain isn’t completely gone but I feel way better then I did before but I know it’s gone take some time as well until the symptoms completely disappear .
And they treated me for gonnoreah and chlamydia with the two pills and a shot is that the same treatment for the NGU??
Yes, the two pills you got - azithromycin - will cure NGU.

Well, I'm glad you told her. Good for you. It's unfortunate that she won't test, but that's on her now.

I'm happy you're feeling better, and I hope that continues.
Thank youu! Appreciate your input and help ! all is well
You're welcome! I'm glad to hear all is well.

Stay safe and stay home. :)
Hey it’s me again! I had a quick question on what could be happening or if it’s just something minor that needs to be looked at .i haven’t had any kind of sexual contact since I’ve gotten the shot and medicine and recently noticed something strange going on but I noticed a redish/purplish type bruise under the skin of my penile head ? Idk if it’s due to injury from before when I noticed it or from any type of soap I was using but I’m not sure I’ve been watching it very closely for any strange bumps sometimes I feel itchy but I don’t see anything too crazy the feeling comes and goes
That's not an STD.

If it's an actual bruise, it will heal like any other bruise. Just keep an eye on it. If it's not better by now, maybe get a doc to check it out.
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Oh yeah I also have an history of varocele but I haven’t noticed any lumps or strings In my testicle but they have been tender to touch /not dropped and it just makes me more anxious since I just had oral a few days ago
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