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STD/Herpes from Sucking Boobs

Hello, I am a little bit of a paranoid person when it comes to this but I was at a very dirty strip club this past weekend and feel very guilty. I was getting a lap dance and she put her boobs in my face for brief time a couple times. To be honest, I tried to cover my lips but obviously there was still contact multiple brief times . Is there any chance of herpes being spread this way ? She was also sweaty . If someone who could have been carrying it had licked all over them right before can it live long enough on her chest to pass to me ?   Is there any slight chance of getting herpes or something else?

2. Does it take a lot of contact with the “germs” to contract it or a lot of the “germs” to be present to get it because it wasn’t mucose membranes? (How easily does the virus spread)

3. How long does herpes last outside the body for example on different person skin?
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There is no way that herpes is spread this way.

Herpes isn't spread by licking, and once exposed to air, it would die. The skin on the breasts is too thick to be infected - not mucous membranes, correct - so there's no concern here.

Guilt doesn't equal risk. Just because the place is dirty doesn't mean people in it are infected with anything. Even if people inside the dirty place have something, you have no risk.
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