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STD test and confirmation

My boy friend tested STD and i dont have it .
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Ureaplasma urealyticun / parvum  - Detected in Test
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So ureaplasma isn't really considered an STI as such. It can live in normal, healthy urinary tracts with no issues. Sometimes they "over grow" which can cause symptoms similar to NSU/NGU. People can have this for years and year with no symptoms so it cant be used as a sign of cheating.

What made him test? It is a very specific test and is not part of a normal STI test kit.
me and my boy friend where separating due to my parents caste issues . so he gave idea to take both STD /STI premium test . And he got it and i got also may get i am afraid , Since we had continues 3 years sex .
Was he having symptoms of something? If he wasn't, he doesn't need treatment, and you don't either.

Can you get tested for STIs?
Dont worry about ureaplasma. The reason it is not part of the standard test kit is

1) The test arnt the most reliable
2) The amount of people who have this normal bacteria will be loads.
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Need more information. What has he tested positive for?
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