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Short exposure (unprotected sex with lap dancer)

Last Saturday, while on a stag do in Germany I went to a strip club and had a private dance with one of the girls.

During the private dance she undressed me and rubbed my penis against her vagina for a few seconds before putting me inside her. I was not fully erect and probably spent no longer than 10-15 seconds inside her before I asked her to stop. I did not ejaculate.

I am now very concerned that I may have contracted an STD. I do not have any symptoms although when I get worried about it (most of the time) I feel a burning on the end of my penis. This comes and goes, and largely seems to be based around my own anxiety.

I had no cuts on my genitals and the girl did not have any outward signs of STDs (I know this doesn’t say much, but I am trying to provide as much information as possible). She was European, white, mid twenties.

I would like to know the following.

1. What the risk is of having contracted an STD during this short exposure?
2. What should I be tested for?
3. When should I be tested
4. Is it possible that my anxiety is causing the burning in my penis.
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On June 30th, I went over to a women's house who is into fetishes.  She wanted to be spanked so she and I were on the bed naked, her on all fours, and me behind her spanking her.  I fingered her vagina and anus and spanked her as she wanted.  I was semi erect but not completely.  I got kinda excited and inserted my penis into her vagina.  I was maybe inside her for all of 20 seconds before I pulled out and ejaculated on the bed.  I continued to spank her for awhile before walking over to her to receive oral.  She was trying to get me off orally, not knowing that I had already ejaculated, so she gave me oral for quite some time.  About a month and a half later, I had normal unprotected sex with my wife.  About September 8th got a burning pain on my glans.  It seemed to be red and irritated on the back side of my glans on the circumcision scar.  I thought it might be from sweating and my underwear rubbing, but because of my encounter, I decided to visit the STD clinic.  They tested me for HIV, chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis, all negative.   They also did a visual check for warts or HSV.  The nurse commented that my glans looked normal with the exception the red and irritated looking back side of my glans. I continued to have the burning sensation, so I went and had a HSV 1 and 2 via IGG done on September 29th.  My results for HSV 1 & 2 were negative.  I have been in contact with the fetish woman who has told me that she tested all clean last year and that her last pap smear 1 year ago was clean.  She says that she has only been intimate with guys who she knows are clean.  She says that she has not had any symptoms of anything going on.  I asked her about yeast infections or things she thought might be a yeast infection and she said that she has not had a yeast infection in 20 years.  My wife is currently on her period and she said that this month it is heavier than usual and is not acting like it normally does.  She was in the hospital for an accident right after my encounter.  She had a head injury, and broken bones.  Not sure what all drugs they gave her besides pain killers.  Lately, at night, i have been sleeping naked and the last couple nights been putting hydrocortisone on my glans.  When I wake up in the morning, there is no pain.  But after walking around all day with my underwear rubbing me, I can feel the burning pain and the back of my glans gets red.  I also have a faint white patch about 1 centimeter round on the top of my glans near the tip.  It is not raised and does not cause pain when touched and I'm not sure how long it's been there.  I don't normally examine my penis this closely.  Seems like after I get out of the shower, more of my glans has white splotches, but that seems to go away quickly after I dry off.  Any ideas on what this might be?  Bacteria? Fungus? HPV?
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1. Low risk
2. If you must gonorrhea and chlamydia-5 days, syphilis-6 weeks, herpes and HIV-3 months
3. See #2
4. Most likely
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