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Std risk and testing time frame accuracy

I’m not trying to beat a dead horse but knowledgeable answers or guidance to my specific scenario would be highly appreciated even if only to help subside paranoia.

22 days I went to get a massage with no other goals in mind and would up with a finger in my butt for a few seconds and a happy ending that lasted less than a minute with I’m assuming the massage oil.  The massage itself was the only other contact.  

I left feeling dumb because it’s not my thing and I’m married and have never even had a though of doing this and am extremely happy sexually with my wife and have what I see as being an ideal marriage.

2-3 days after the encounter my penis head( the widest portion closest to the foreskin being circumcised) became feeling kind of raw like it does with too much sex or to dry or whatever.  Redness primarily on the left and right side of the area I described.  It may just be a bit swollen but also seems like many small bumps around that area. No white heads and I don’t believe puss filled or and scabbing or anything. This would not overly concern me except for it’s still there after 22 days.  

4/5 days after the encounter it began to burn when I be and my testicles became sore.  It still sometimes burns and my testicles still sometime are in pain.

The timing of these are my main concern.  Received all neg for herpes, gonnorhea, clamidya, syphillis, and whatever else is on the 10 panel test after 7, 12, and 21 days ( so on 3 different occasions) and also came up negative for growth for uti on urine culture

My paranoia now has me thinking herpes.  Likely because of the lingering bumps, rash, swelling ( whatever it is) on my penis head.  And possibility of some bumps in my urethra causing Dyseria?

It all just seems like I very odd circumstance, I don’t mean to beat the bush here, I just want a life without fear and anxiety and the test aren’t even doing that for me, especially now that I’m finding places saying you couldn’t even test positive for herpes until 4-6 months has went by. I just need some help.

Please advise, and thank you for you time.

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The only possibility I can see is an infection in the prostate, perhaps from the oil in your rectum. It's a HUGE stretch, but you have a lot of symptoms of it, so get checked. Prostate infections can happen at any age, from anything or nothing, so if you do have one, you don't have to explain this to your wife.
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A finger in the anus and hand job are NOT risks for an STD. You would not get herpes from this.  Your symptoms are unrelated to that.
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Thanks guys, I’ll leave it at that for now and report back.  If everyone is right that great news.  Penis head still hurts but I’ll just need to get that figured out.  
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If massage was your only exposure, you are at no risk for any STIs. They just don't spread effectively that way.
Herpes is hard to detect with a blood test. But it is unlikely your skin symptoms are herpes (it is your anxious mind that makes you think that way). It may be allergy, contact dermatitis, heat rash or whatever, there are lots of skin conditions possible.
If those skin bumps really bother you, show them to a doctor, preferably, a dermatologist.
For now, keep away from googling STI symptoms. Stop testing for STIs, there is no point.
Your anxiety at this point is much bigger a problem than any risk for STIs. Testicle burning and frequent urinating are most probably due to anxiety.
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The burning while I pee part really got me worried.  My testicles hurting was a first time experience as well.  Shooting pains, nausea, back pain, stomach pain, exhaustion, and everything else wasn’t much fun either.  Are you saying it’s all just random timing and to just no longer be concerned?
Shooting pains, nausea, back pains, stomach pains are not related to any STI. They are either induced by your anxiety (more likely) or some other underlying condition (much less likely).
Painful urinating is indeed a troublesome symptom. But you tested 3 times and completely ruled out any STIs that might produce such symptoms. Moreover, the exposure you described carries no risk for STIs.
Stop thinking STI. Do something you enjoy. Have some herbal tea, do some yoga, grab a movie or take a ride with your family (whatever works for you; binge gaming works best for me :).
Could the burning while peeing and penis head redness potentially be herpes? And could 21 days be too early for it to show on a test? I believe the testicle pain is stress related.  The redness and swelling around the penis is still worrisome as well.  
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