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Sti risks with protected anal sex using saliva as lube

Hi, what are the sti risks involved with protected anal sex but using insertive partner's saliva as lube? I say anal sex but actually just involved a little penile tip insertion into the anus and not fully inserted. That said, there was blood in faeces the following two days so clearly there had been some micro tears in the lining even with this short penetration.

Do I need to get tested?
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The anal sex was protected? You received or were the giver (is that the right word?)?
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Yes, it was protected and I was the receiver but the insertive partner used his salva as lube
The tears were probably because saliva isn't a great lube - which I'm sure you know.

I just put this together the other day. Hope it helps.

Most experts think using saliva as lube is not a big concern.

Dr. Edward Hook -

"There are no STIs, including HIV which are transmitted in saliva.  While some studies may show the occasional (rare presence) of STI organisms in saliva, no one has ever been infected by exposure to saliva, whether through kissing, spitting or receipt of masturbation."  Repeating your question will not change my answer.  None of us has ever seen a case transmitted in this way."

https://www.askexpertsnow.com/search-results - question #2669

Dr. H. Hunter Handsfield -

"Exposure to saliva carries little or no risk for any STI -- in fact, saliva inhibits or kills most or all STI bacteria and viruses. And hand-genital contact is entirely risk free as well, even if saliva (or even genital fluids) are used for lubrication. In addition, even among the most sexually active persons -- such as sex workers -- the large majority have no active oral STI at any point in time; there's probably under one chance in 20 your partner had a transmissible infection in her mouth or throat. In my 50 years in the STI business, I have never seen a male patient with any STI who had not had intercourse, i.e. penis inside a partner's vagina, rectum or mouth, and certainly none that appeared to have been acquired by hand-genital contact. That doesn't necessarily mean the risk is zero, but You do not need testing on account of this event, for herpes or anything else."

https://www.askexpertsnow.com/search-results - question #8311

From Terri Warren -

"I think the chances of you getting HSV 1 from him using saliva as a lubricant are low. Not zero but low, especially since you’ve had no sores."


Q - can ohsv1 be transmitted via saliva while an asymptomatic shedding event is occurring orally? For example if using saliva (spit) as lube on my partner for a hand job- no contact with inside the mouth of infected, just saliva of infected used externally.

A - I get that question often. That is extremely unlikely.


Ok thank you auntie Jessi, that's very useful and informative
You're welcome. :)
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