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Stinging/poking pain in vagina.

I have been having a stinging sensation in my vagina, my last sexual encounter was almost 2 weeks ago. Unprotected oral, protected vaginal. I am ovulating in 6-7 days and i do have a little discharge, white i believe. I am thinking this might be just a yeast infection? maybe just secretions? maybe hair growing? maybe sometimes vaginas do get a stinging/poking sensation in vagina?

Please i need clarity before my mind starts to go places.
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Thank you so much dear.
It is actually a watery discharge and I am familiar with that, especially before ovulation!
I saw a little white discharge and i know that is yeast, hopefully not because of anything crazy going on in the cervix <3 BUT i was wearing tight workout leggings and was outside in the heat WITH MASK AND GLOVES I PROMISE, 2 days ago! I do realize when i wear pantyhose tights or so, i get irritations and scents.

Thank you so much.. I think I figured it out. I usually self heal. Unless it is BV. I know when it is BV, but the yeast i am experiencing is very minimal.

I love you so much!
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Aww hon, you're welcome. Love you :)
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Gemi, you know you need to go to the doctor for this, hon. You are prone to yeast infections, as you know, and it could easily be that. It could also be bacterial vaginitis, or anything.

If you've been having protected sex, it's unlikely to be an STD, but you know this already. :)
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why do i need to go to the doctor for this? Do you think it is something to be actually worried about? I am not feeling anything today. Is it linked to HPV?

I feel like my whole productive system is just failing. I am still stuck at home.

My period is regular, thank God. I guess that can show a healthy aspect.
Because you don't know if it's yeast or BV, and the treatments for each are different, and using the wrong one can make it really, really worse.

It's different enough for you that you are asking about it, so you aren't sure it's yeast. That means you should get it checked out, hon. That's all I meant.

Your reproductive system isn't failing. You're a woman. We get this crap. Some are just more prone to it than others. It may be because of the HPV, because anything happening on the cervix can upset the very delicate balance and cause yeast or BV. Maybe it isn't caused by that. It could be caused by most anything, including the way the planets are aligned or something. Seriously, sometimes we never know.

The list of things that can contribute is long and varied - don't douche unless told to by your doctor, only wear 100% cotton, all white underwear; use gentle, unscented soap (or skip the soap and let your body clean itself naturally and just use a washcloth on the outside parts); use unscented and dye-free laundry detergent; don't wear pantyhose/tights; don't wear tight pants/jeans/shorts; don't use scented wipes; don't use anything that has "feminine" in it - feminine washes, feminine wipes, feminine sprays, etc.; don't use anything that makes you smell like a field of lavender or a fresh meadow or dewy anything; don't use scented toilet paper or toilet paper that has ink on it (they still make this); don't use scented tampons or pads,  - you get the idea.

You can do all of those things and still get yeast or BV. Sometimes it just happens. Don't be so hard on yourself. Remember that your words and self-talk matter.

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Nobody can really diagnose you from afar, but does it smell like a yeast infection does?  These kinds of things can be a problem or no problem at all, but getting an exam is the only way to know for sure, unfortunately.
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I am having little itch with watery discharge.
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