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does my husband have std?

I would like some help and advice. Several years ago (2006), my husband's testicles used to swell up and he had irregular pus discharge from his penis. He went to the doctor and his doctor did several tests. From a diagnostics report, I found out, the doctor also checked him for gonorrhea.
a) would a doctor test a monogamous man for this STD just to be on the safe side or should I be worried of infidelity?
He had this problem for a year or so and eventually this problem faded away with the use of antibiotics.

This year,(2012), he got this new job as a financier where has been traveling extensively. He lives in hotels all over the world.. London, Paris, NYC, Toronto etc.
I found condoms in his bag (he bought em to use with me he says). He has been taking "teva doxycycline" tablets and claims it is for a lung infection. He wasn't coughing, didn't have chest congestion..
a) he did not kiss me,
b) did not have sex with me (told me he was feeling too ill -only on the last day he, ejaculated while rubbing against my body still wearing shorts),
c) and told me to wash the sheets (including the comforter after ejaculation), and the tub he took a shower in and
d) told me to throw away his lip balms from his coat pocket cuz he doesnt want the kids to use them and get infected.
Should I be worried he has contracted an STD? Why would he advise me to do all that for a simple lung infection? Am I being paranoid or should I be worried about him cheating behind my back?

(He swears he has never cheated on me.) I have a very funny feeling in my heart.. please guide as medical experts.
What rights do I have as a spouse? Can I ask his doctor whether he has an STD and is hiding it from me (as in our culture it is very shameful for a person to reveal that to his spouse)? Please help.
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yes it is.
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But is it common procedure for a doctor to test someone for stds (i.e gonorrhea) even if the person does not ask for that specific test but he exhibits symptoms?
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you've seen the red flags dear. don't think there is any help you need from us.

follow up with your gyn for full std testing to protect yourself and cover your bases. that way you also have baseline results in case something shows up in the future.

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