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nervous about STD

I went to an Asian massage parlor 5 days ago.  I had protected vaginal intercourse with a women but did not finish.

She then removed the condom, knelt down, and then performed oral sex without protection.

She appeared to be clean but who knows for sure.

I have no symptoms but would really like to know what my risks of contracting an STD are.

From a little research I've done it appears HIV is simply not transmitted by oral sex - bleeding gums or not - and that syphilis and chlamidia are possibilities but not likely.

I have HSV 1 so should I be concerned about gonorrhea and HPV.

Need some peace of mind.

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First of the bat oral sex is not a risk for HIV so you are correct there.

Syphilis is possible but like you said low risk on the account that it’s rare expecially in women.

Chlymidia dosnt seem to like the oral cavity so is rare to get chlamydia from oral like you said.

Gonorrhoea is a likely and probably the most common STI from oral, normally however (90% + you would have started symptoms by now)

Having HSV1 will protect you against getting again, slight risk of HSV2 but very low.

HPV is as common as a cold in sexual active people you probably already have/had it and not anything to lay up at night worried about.

So all in all slim chance you picked up anything - if you want to be sure I’m afraid only way to know is to test, but, if you do you can expect negative results.
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thanks for the feedback - I am thinking I will get tested for syphilis and gonorrhea in about 3 weeks just to be sure
You can test for gonorrhoea now, it will be reliable. For syphilis you will have to wait 6-8 week I’m afraid.

If you don’t get symptoms that is
8 weeks it is - my understanding is that it is easily dealt with if I do test positive
It is. It's easily cured with penicillin or other antibiotics.
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