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Can you give yourself a uti or bacterial vaginosis?

Sometimes when I was my area, I wash inside. I know you're not supposed to, but I wanted to make sure I smelled really good down there because I had my first time. I washed inside my vagina with some nivea body wash. A couple hours later, me and my guy had sex. the first 5 minutes, we tried without a condom and then we put one on and used it the rest of the time we did it. The next day I was really sore and I thought it was because me and my guy had sex for a long time, like 30 minutes. The next day, I washed inside my vagina again with some olay body wash. Later on, I ended up having a fishy smell. I've drank lots of water, ate pineapple, and drank some pomegrante juice. Now my vagina hurts even worse and I feel like I have a uti because everytime I pee, it burns.

If anyone could try to help me understand what is going on or recommend some home remedies that work well, it would be much appreciated!!!!
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burning sensation , soreness , swelling , bleeding are common symptoms due to the first time .
burning sensation not necessarily be a UTI . it may be caused due to small tears in vagina due to friction,
never wash inside by detergents or soap , this is harmful to vaginal normal flora.
Give yourself rest from sex to give a chance for your tissues to heal again.

observe if any secretions come out . itching and bad odor .

good luck.
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Using body wash is not a good idea when it comes to keeping your vagina clean ~  use douches only. Do not douche if you have an infection. Stop using any body wash or gels because they can cause irritations and possible infections, be aware that they are for external use only, not internal use.
What is possibly going on is that you either have a UTI; bacterial vaginosis (BV), or some other infection.
You can do a little research on line at the link below:

As far as treatment is concerned for an infection, you should visit a gynecologist very soon for an exam and get a prescription for antibiotics. Antibiotics are the only way to treat an infection.
Good Luck, Take Care
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